Scrapbooking in Guyana

Since it's National Adoption Awareness Month, I've decided to highlight some "ordinary" people who are reclaiming hope for orphans!

Rob & Su Soutter from Raleigh, NC received a grant from Caroline's Promise to assist with their adoption of their precious Jonathan from Guatemala. The entire Soutter family has gotten involved with the ministry of Caroline's Promise. Su is incredibly gifted with crafts. This woman can do anything! She used her gifts and creativity to help us purchase scrapbook supplies for the children's home in Guyana, South America. We were amazed at what she put together! The Asst. Director of the home, Angie - had a dream for the children to create Life Books.

Our 2008 team did not have time to work with the children on their Life Books but God knew that. He knew that there would be team members from the Hayworth Wesleyan Church team - High Point, NC that loved to scrap! I've loved reading Angie's blog about how God has used "ordinary" people this week to help heal the hurts of some precious kids.
"We had a big day of memory making with scrapbook pictures making their debut. It took a few down around some emotional curves and so I wanted to check on them like a mother hen tonight. I found the big girls in the room with the new auntie reading a book together. That pleased my heart like the greatest gift in the world. I gave her a high five for the extra touch. I was beat, totally beat. So I curled up on one of the girls beds who was looking through her picture book and fixing pictures back. I put her pillow under my head and told her to wake me if I slept or slide on in. She smiled big as we talked about her pictures. One by one the girls came around the bed and curled up and we just talked about their pictures. All were happy more than sad and that eased me out. After a long time with them Auntie and I put them to bed and I went to kiss the small girls good night. To my surprise three were still awake. So I loved on them and one asked me to read a story. I also asked them if the pictures made them happy or sad. They all said happy. So I sat on the child’s bed who requested a book and just sang songs over them and rubbed her back till she fell asleep."
After her 2nd short term trip with Caroline's Promise, an "ordinary" girl from Colfax, NC answered God's call to give up everything and minister to the fatherless in Guyana, South America. An "ordinary" adoptive mom from Raleigh, NC used her God given gifts to find the prettiest scrapping supplies. "Ordinary" people from High Point, NC gave up time, money and energy to help complete the project. That's the Body of Christ!
God won't call everyone to adopt. But He DOES call everyone to reclaim hope for orphans! Ask Him how He can use you.

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