Orphans giving Christmas gifts to orphans

Our friend Angie serves the Lord in Guyana, South America at a children's home for orphaned and vulnerable children. This is the home's third Christmas and I could not wait to share with you how God worked in the kids' lives today! Here's an excerpt from Angie's blog:

"I reached back to the home just in time to welcome our first batch of visitors bringing Christmas cheer to our children. They were from a private Christian school and a bus load of them pulled up and came to share gifts - useful ones like soap, underwear, clothes and fun ones like coloring books, school supplies, small dollies, etc.

When the dust had settled our children remained on the carpet and I talked to them about an upcoming plan to "really" give back from all they had been given. Now, to the American eye they may not seem "spoiled" but I still remember back to our first Christmas when a grandmother of one of our employee's came by to share gifts with the 6 children newly into our care. It was two days before Christmas and one of the small girls who was 4 at the time, but street smart beyond her age, asked if she could keep her dolly till Christmas and open it then so she would have a gift. I was moved deeply. I softly spoke to her and said you can if you want, but if I promise you that you will have a gift under the tree with your name on it would that make you want to open it now? It was in clear plastic wrap so she could see it. She shook her head with a big affirmative yes.
So today we sat together on the carpet and I explained how it felt to be given a gift and they expressed their joy. I then asked the opposite. And the opposite reaction came. So, then I asked how they would feel if they could be the ones to give a gift just like these special people had just given them a gift. I then asked this same girl if she would like to share a gift with another child that did not have a gift. She had that same affirmative nod and verbally exclaimed yes! Then without asking she stood to her feet and brought a gift to me from her two. The others followed her example and willingly chose one of theirs to put in the give away box."

You know, it's one thing for my kids to be willing to give up one of their gifts so that an orphan can have a present at Christmas. My heart is touched by these fatherless children in Guyana who have blessed to find a home......and are anxious to give to those who have not.