Caroline's Promise Sends Team To Guyana

On Thursday Caroline's Promise has a team going to Guyana. We thought it might be helpful to give you some background on where Guyana is (it's not in Africa!), how Caroline's Promise got there and what in the world God is up to in this little country in South America.

In 2003 when Caroline's Promise was founded, we began to ask God where He would have us take mission teams. We realized that not all orphans would be adopted and that it was our responsibility to reclaim hope for thousands of kids who needed to know how much Jesus loves them. Our goal through our outreach in other countries is to partner with a local church that has a passion for orphans in their community. We feel its our place to come alongside the church and help them do what God has called them to.

Out of the blue we received an email from a missionary family that we didn't know. Perry and Nancy Hubbard were serving in Guyana, answering God's call to build a children's home for orphaned and vulnerable children. Caroline's Promise got involved right away and we were there as the land was cleared and the home was built. The Ruimveldt Children's Home and Care Centre is now thriving as it is home to 15-20 children.

On that first trip, our friend, Angie Hemric joined us and fell in love with the country and the people. She spent three years working with the Guyanese people to establish the home. It became clear that at some point her work would be done and the Guyanese would be ready to move forward without her daily support. As Angie began to pray about God's next steps for her, He led her to a community outside Georgetown, Guyana, that is called "Plastic City." The people living there have made their homes out of whatever scraps they can find. God gave Angie a heart for Plastic City and we began to pray about how Caroline's Promise could assist.

Throughout most of 2009, Angie and Caroline's Promise prayed that if God wanted us involved, He would link us with a Guyanese church that had a heart for Plastic City. Otherwise we would know that we weren't called to serve there. God connected Angie with the Vreed En Hoop Wesleyan Church and doors began to fly open! We quickly learned that this community of believers was already making a difference in Plastic City and they were excited about us partnering with them! Angie came home, raised more support, and went back to Guyana as the Country Director for Caroline's Promise.

So here we are, about to get on a plane with our first team to focus on Plastic City. Our goal will be to partner with the Vreed En Hoop Church and canvas the area to determine where the orphans are living, who is caring for them, how many of them are in school, and what their needs are. We'll spend a lot of time praying with and for the people of Guyana. In so many ways this is a foundational trip. We expect to take many more teams as we partner with Vreed En Hoop Church. We'll also visit with the kids at the Ruimveldt Children's Home and Care Center!

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