Guyana - Wednesday

Today we wanted you to get a taste of Guyana from some of the team member's perspectives. Becca and Joy were gracious enough to write their thoughts about Wednesday's activities.

"It has been another busy but satisfying day in Guyana! This morning we worked on our bags again, finishing a few more for Prosperity City and one for each child at the children's home. The bags for the children's home were labeled with the children's names and reminders that they have been adopted by God as His children. We are looking forward to passing out these last bags in a few days and seeing the excited expressions on the children's faces. After the bags were filled, we finished organizing all the leftover supplies that will be used for future projects.
One of the most rewarding times we have had on this trip came when prayed this morning over the surveys we took in Prosperity City. We sat in a circle, each with a pile of surveys in our hands and took turns praying out loud for the people of Prosperity City by name. After praying, we talked about the many thoughts and emotions that had come upon us during our prayer time. We felt hopeful that prayer makes a difference, that God can give these people a hope and future, and that God has already started work by bringing the community's needs to the attention of active Christians. For many, this was perhaps the first time that their names have been called out in prayer, but we are encouraged in knowing that God knows each of their names and cares for them. We felt blessed by our own circumstances and convicted to use our resources to bless others. And we felt overwhelmed by the incredible needs which are beyond human help (but fortunately not beyond God's help!).
One of the most poignant moments in our discussion was when Colin, our Guyanese driver, talked about how sad he was over the people in Prosperity City. Our first trip to the community a few days ago was the first time he had witnessed this poverty and his heart was broken for his people. He talked about how ironic it is that the people lack clean water here in Guyana, a place that is called the "land of many waters". It is our hope that eventually through the efforts of the Christians, the people will not only have clean water, but they will come to know the Living Water. More than ever, we realize that there is much work to be done in Prosperity City, but now that the work has begun, we can see that God's hand is in it."
~Written by Becca

Team members praying over the surveys of Prosperity City.

"This afternoon we returned to Prosperity City to interact with the children as we helped them with very basic learning skills. I helped a 19 year old girl form her letters. She has never known the freedom and opportunity to realize her potential. Now, with the involvement of Angie and the local church, a new world may be opened to her. Now, caring believers know her name and her story...and they care! The conditions in which these children live defy description, yet their beautiful smiles speak of a survivor's spirit. Surely God is raising up His people to be their advocates. In many ways, we have seen things come together in such a way that we knew God was and is in control!"
~Written by Joy

Joy with the children of Prosperity City

Gary and Becca helping children with learning skills

Working with the children

Colin (in the blue shirt and white hat) the Guyanese bus driver playing football (soccer) with the children in a rice barn.

Angie and children at the rice barn.