Tribute to Prosperity City

Through the combined efforts of Angie Hemric, Lisa Holbrook, myself (Jody) and the Guyana team as they took pictures while in Prosperity City, this video came into being. It is a tribute to the work being done in Prosperity City and the hope that is promised to those our team left behind. A special thank you to Angie who spent hours working on the video, getting it to the polished state we present to you. This video is set to the song Rescue from the Trading my Sorrows, Vertical Momentum album. We praise God for what He has done in Prosperity City, what He did while our team was working there, and what He continues to do in the future. May you watch with open hearts and minds as God speaks to you through this video.

Prosperity City Partnership from Lisa Holbrook on Vimeo.

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A land of many waters
Polluted by the darkness that lingers
As thick as the heat of noon day

Incognito, infiltrating every corner, every space
Until, one day, the strangers came
With clear vision and strong hearts

They brought courage and hope and smiles
A moment of rest in a weary monotony

They speak in the name of a Man
A Man of Living Water
Who is their Hope, the Truth, the Way

Bridging the distance that has always been
Standing in the gap on behalf of the hopeless
Not in pride, but in great humility, serving
Loving, caring, heartbroken

They were not the first
They will not be the last

Making a difference for one
One at a time

For the next generation


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