Sunday In Guyana

Sunday- we started off the day with worship at Vreedenhoop Wesleyan Church. Guyanese Wesleyan churches are definitely different that US Wesleyan churches! I could write a whole post about all the things the preacher spoke of. But I think a couple of nuggets were when he spoke of when God calls us, He doesn’t have to give us all the info, we are just called to GO. How I don’t like that! I like the details! And he was speaking to me when he said be yourself, do not compare yourself. It matters what God thinks, not man. He knows His own plans. Do what He says.

I was able to eat a delicious lunch with Angie, the PC team and had good fellowship. God has brought together a great team made up of Angie and 3 native Guyanese. It is amazing to look at the experience and personalities that God has brought together, to benefit a community. After lunch, Angie and I took a walk on the beach- I put my toes (very very briefly) in the Atlantic ocean. It was very different from our beaches in appearance: sand is more like mud and sand mixed together and the water is fairly murky due to the water current bringing silt from where the Amazon dumps into the ocean. Plus the amount of trash that is brought up by the waves. But what wonder and mysteries to explore- So many beautiful shells, I got to hold a real little crab, also hermit crabs walking around, and then we walked farther and I saw something I had been hearing about: Sea glass.
Sea glass is this beautiful frosty smooth glass you find on part of the beaches. It is so pretty and remind you of smooth flat stones . This sea glass starts its life as a glass bottle, then God uses the tumbling and rhythm of the ocean to turn it into a thing of beauty. So much like He does with us. God can take something, someone, that the world would throw away and through His love, power and grace, create something beautiful.

After our walk, we visited the children’s home again. Not much could warm your heart more than being greeted with excited squeals of “Auntie Stephanie” and arms reaching for hugs. While we were there, the home experienced a blackout like we did last night at Angie’s home. I love God’s timing! The caregiver lit candles and lanterns so we could see some. Because of the blackout the kids crowded around Angie and I, sitting on our laps, wanting to hold out hands, just touch us. We all sang songs, then the kids ask me to tell them a story. Eventually they started to wander to do other things, but even then, our hands were never without someone wanting to hold them. Those kids are special and I love hearing “Auntie Stephanie”.
~written by Stephanie