Orphans And Human Trafficking

We loved this post from The Christian Alliance for Orphans on Orphans and Human Trafficking. At the end of the post you'll find a link to a webinar that they held in January on this issue. We encourage you to watch it. The point was made that we focus a lot on the rescue of women and children from this horrible situation. And we should. However, there is a huge need to focus on prevention and rehabilitation. We believe at Caroline's Promise that God is allowing us to be part of the prevention of human trafficking.

Several years ago the only option for the poorest kids living near our partner church in Guatemala City was to go to the public school. Not only are the schools overcrowded, but the kids are targeted by gangs who prey on their vulnerability. Imagine a 13 year old girl without parents, being lured by a gang member who can offer her clothing, food, a cell phone and "hope" for the future. I shudder to think of where she might end up. Promised an education and a job in the US, she could ultimately believe the lie and end up trafficked, living a life of abuse and oppression.

God has beautifully stepped in and given us the privilege to partner with this church to offer real hope to her. Because of the monthly support of her Caroline's Promise sponsor in the US she can now attend a safe school where she is loved, protected, educated and can learn how much God loves her. She now understand the "real" hope and future that God has planned for her.

We're seeing the same issues in Guyana where we are working with a local church to fight poverty and reclaim hope for vulnerable children. Orphans are at a greater risk for human trafficking. Please partner with us to prevent and protect them from this tragic existence.

We hope you are stirred by this post by Christian Alliance for Orphans and take time to view the webinar on human trafficking.