God knows their names

A few nights ago I woke up at 2:30am. Anyone who knows me knows that I love my sleep! Instead of tossing and turning and keeping David awake I decided to get up and knock some things off my "to do" list for The Journey. As I was reading through stories of our kids in Guyana and Guatemala and looking through pictures of our grant families, my heart was broken once again. I just wept for these kids and cried out to God.

Pictures of these little ones flashed in my mind. Swimming with Ravi in Guyana, seeing Suzie for the first time in Plastic City, meeting Will at my college Homecoming, watching Betzabe lead her class in a dance in Guatemala City, listening to Orwil's Mom share her concern for her child, hearing Teasha share how kids in foster care just want a family. Even as I write this I realize just how blessed I am to know these kids.

Those who know me well know that I'm not a "kid person". I prefer to be with those who are 15 years and up. But God has done something amazing in my heart in the last year. Instead of trying to meet the needs of kids all over the planet He has given us a clear focus. Adoptive family grants, advocating for orphans, including those in US Foster Care, and partnering with churches in Guatemala City and Guyana, South America. As God brought the focus, He broke my heart, once again. And He caused me to fall in love with these kids. I think about them, dream about them, wake up at night to pray for them. And I LOVE being with them!

I've asked the question in the last 24 hours,
"What if Caroline's Promise wasn't serving in Plastic City, Guyana or at Casita Adonai in Guatemala City?" I don't want to sound arrogant or give the impression that God can't take care of His children without us. But before we were there, no one was partnering with these churches to help them meet the needs of these kids. A year later, He has done so much and it's because we allowed our hearts to be moved, asked Him what we should do, partnered with passionate churches in those countries, and gave people like you an opportunity to join us. God took our obedience and used it to reclaim hope for a lot of kids!

That's what The Journey is all about. I want you to come. Not just because our volunteers have spent hours designing an amazing interactive event for you. Or because we'll have delicious desserts and coffee, beautiful art work that will inspire you, and a fair trade market that will blow your mind. But I want you to come so that you can see a glimpse of what I've seen. I want you to "meet" Betzabe, Ravi, Suzie, Will, and Orwil. And I want you to join us as we reclaim hope for these kids.

The Journey is this Saturday at C3 Church in Greensboro, NC. When you purchase your tickets online you'll sign up for a 45 minute tour. It's important that you do this before Saturday so we can get you on the tour that fits your schedule. Please bring your kids as long as you think they can stand/walk for 45 minutes. I know it will touch their hearts! And you will be blessed!

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