It's Real: A Final Reflection on Sara's Life

It’s Real

Sara's Story from Angie Hemric on Vimeo.

I’ve grown in darkness and suffered in pain.

By the wounds I received from others again and again.

Forsaken and in grief silently I weep.

How sad, yet sweet, my life seems on these streets.

Sad and alone I have grown into a young woman who has come to know.

Hurts and pains seems like my names; Joy and peace my worst nightmares.

Tears become my only evidence as I struggle to hide and cover my shame!

I wonder at times is this all I’m here to gain?

My life truly describes what is poverty.

The power of it In its full capacity of mental slavery.

Broken, battered and bruised by the cruelty of mankind my life I lose.

Persecuted and prostituted oppressed and suppressed

Daily facing some form of distress

As I slumbered into living

The depth of my pain, today, I cannot explain

For once again I am silent

Physically silenced by death

Buy why!

Why did I have to be silent for someone to hear I had called?

Why did I have to die for someone to speak on my behalf?

Now, when I cannot answer or speak my pain

There are so many caring hearts out here

Now you stare at my remains

In life, not to many, were sure to care

But today so many regret, and with pity their lips utter my name

How happy I would be if only I could hear.

Whom have I failed is a tale to tell

And who fail me is how the tale may end

For today I’m louder in death than life

But if this is what it takes for you to open your eye and see

Then I don’t mind if you repent and turn to Jesus Christ

Salvation is free. Jesus already died on Calvary

So why not live your life for Christ and so let it be

By: Lavena Ambrose © March 2011

Has Sara’s death spoken to you? Has her life been one you have wished you could rewrite? You can honor her life now by partnering with us to prevent, rescue and redeem the most vulnerable. Caroline’s Promise has established The Red Light Fund to honor Sara and reclaim hope for those who can be the next Sara. Donated funds will be used to train and equip our partner countries in anti-trafficking strategies and victim recovery.

To make a financial contribution to the Red Light Fund click here. Please note Red Light Fund in the comment box.

Lavena is a member of our Guyana Leadership Team. We work together to bring light and hope to our friends in Plastic City. She wrote this poem as her way of processing the tragic loss of Sara and chose to read it at her funeral for all to hear and reflect upon.

The Video song is Father to the Fatherless. The song was written in 2006 after my second short-term mission trip to Guyana and recorded in Guyana in 2009.