Thoughts From Guyana

Margaret spent some time in Guyana with Angie and shares her thoughts of the experience:

"Margaret has hijacked Angie’s blog for a few minutes. Here are my reflections…

We headed out this morning….first to town for a last minute Guyana shopping experience….although it doesn’t come close to navigating the Guyana driving experience! Driving (or riding) is always an adventure. Now, with shopping complete we were off to Plastic City where we eagerly awaited our response to the Community Health Fair. All week long we’ve been talking it up to the residents, passing out flyers and encouraging people to come.

This morning, we greeted people as we walked down the dirt road leading into PC. We unloaded and set up three 10×10 tents, borrowed some tables from the local rum bar, taped up health posters on the old wooden fence, and set up stations for registration, foot care, blood pressure, diabetes testing, height, weight and BMI. Around 2:00 pm people began trickling in….old, young, moms, grandmas, a few overweight and most underweight. My job was to take pictures and video, as well as talk with folks as they sat and patiently waited their turn. I observed folks listening intently to a breast cancer survivor talk about her experience. I watched a Granny with a foot infection get a pedicure and she was thrilled as the others listened on to take care of their feet properly. People left, told their neighbors, and soon others came – even towards 6:00 PM. All in all, we saw around 60 people which is an incredible turnout for the first time. Most of all, I watched relationships and trust being developed. I saw the front lines of Community Health Evangelism in action, sharing health…..loving in Jesus’ name."

To read the rest of the story and see pictures from Margaret's time in Guyana click here.

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