Father To The Fatherless

Guest post from Angie:

"In recent days my mind has wondered into deep waters as I reflected on the appointed day to honor fathers. I told myself that I was not going to post anything on my blog to remind others of how many fatherless children there are in the world. Then I went on facebook and saw a post from one of my self-adopted sisters and that changed my mind. She quoted a song sung by the David Crowder band entitled How He Loves Us and my thoughts began to flow.

I confess that Mother’s Days and Father’s Days are different for me now. They are different because I now live in a world that is bigger than me. My entire perspective has changed because I now know so many children who are without mother and father. They are parent-less. Many children I know by name here in this land of Guyana while others I have never met. For example, I have never met the hundreds of orphans who have found refuge in the Hope for Sudan orphanage, but they are deep in my thoughts on this day. Today they are literally in the middle of a new uprising in this war torn country. They have been rescued once from a life that is beyond what any of us can imagine, but they are still not able to rest in safety..."

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