God is on the move in Guyana!

This post was written by our Guyana Country Coordinator, Angie Hemric. It's so exciting to see what God is doing through the church partnership there!

Guyana Bible Society sought us out six weeks ago because someone told them about our work in Plastic City. In combination with overseas partners they have purchased 1000 backpacks to give out to children in all regions of Guyana. The target is the poorest of the poor and their hope is two-fold.

Today was our turn as 90 of our children heard a message of hope and the top 50 faithful attenders from nursery school to secondary school were given a backpack filled with basic school supplies. The Bible Society did not stop there. They gave the gift that keeps on giving….the gospel message in book form and in a short message to our children.

The three representatives of Guyana Bible Society sang songs with the children and shared how God loved each child and made them special. They were still not finished, because in Guyana no party is complete without a meal. They supplied funds for sixty children, but we had ninety. Do you see a problem brewing?

Get ready to be amazed…..

….The same church lady who cooks for the church sponsored school feeding program cooked for us. When we dropped off the wares (pots) to her house we told her thank you for cooking for 100 like she would at school. She looked at us with shock as she said: “I got up this morning and cooked for sixty, but God had other plans I see!” I wonder if her gift of time had anything to do with that? The budget to feed sixty children was $1.50 per child. She served them a cup of rice (or more) a piece of chicken and macaroni salad. In short, she spent all the money on food and got nothing for her service. Can you say givers? God has given us givers!

The next round of amazement will really impact those who have been here before and stood where these ninety children sat. For those who have not made this little pilgrimmage just imagine 90 children in 120 square foot space. I mean, I think my math is right and if not let me be gracious and say 200 square feet. Do you know of a child that can sit or stand in 2 square feet of space for two hours in the hottest part of the day………and be happy? One thing I know for sure is our eight benches, were not enough space. We had big children keeping little ones on their lap, boys sitting on plastic boxes and two broken plastic chairs that made one good one for two children to share. WE WERE PACKED!

It was an exciting day!