What does $35 a month mean to you?

Amber Gravley will be a Sophomore in College this fall. During her last year of High School she did her Senior Project on orphans and was able to educate hundreds of people about their needs. She went above and beyond and collected hundreds of pairs of shoes and socks that were given to needy children during the summer of 2010. We didn't think Amber would be going with us to Guatemala this summer, but plans changed and we were blessed to have her join us! Her heart was changed and now she's on a mission......to find sponsors for all the kids at Casita Adonai in Guatemala City. Thanks for making a difference Amber!

What does $35 a month mean to you?

To me $35 a month means a child in Guatemala is able to go to a safe and private school each day. In Guatemala City the public schools aren’t safe. Many gangs try to get children in public schools to join in with them. My family sponsors Juan Diego. He is seven years old and he has a little brother Ricardo that is five years old. Their mother was violently murdered last year due to drug trafficking, and to this day we still don’t know if they witnessed their mother’s horrific murder. Can you imagine what it would feel like at the age of seven and five to be an orphan in a third world country? The Webster dictionary defines an orphan as a child without a father, there is also a term called “double orphan”. A double orphan is a child without their father and their mother. Juan Diego and Ricardo are double orphans.

Before I went to Guatemala, Diego was just a picture of a child on my dresser who I prayed for every day. But now, because I was able to go to Guatemala and actually meet Diego he has become a part of my family. Lisa shared with me that at Christmas Diego was quiet and didn’t interact with many people. She suspected that he was struggling from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We started sponsoring him and praying for him in March of this year. When I saw him in July he was getting in trouble for talking too much in class!! It’s amazing what $35 a month and praying for a child can change their outlook on life. Since my family was able to sponsor him he is able to attend a safe school, and he is guaranteed one hot meal each day. Being able to be a part of this child’s like is one of the most rewarding things in my life.

This beautiful seven year old taught me so much about myself and life in just two short weeks. My family is learning not to take for granted the things we have in life. When we don’t want to cook dinner we’ll just go grab a bite to eat at a restaurant. Having a family of four eat out the bill usually runs about $40. That meal we just ate out because we were too busy or didn’t have time to cook could have just sponsored another child this month.

Think you can’t afford to sponsor a child?????
How many trips have you made to the nail salon lately?
Does your hair really need to be colored?
Do you really need more name brand clothing?
Do you really have to golf each weekend?
Do you really need new hunting gear each season?
Do you really need an IPAD?
Do you have to go out for lunch each day?
Do you really have to have Starbucks coffee?Link

I ask God to help each of us evaluate our spending and call upon our heart a way to help these children. I think you would be amazed if you gave up buying a few non-essential items and made sponsoring a child a priority. You can provide a child some of the necessities of life. It all starts with one child and a family that is committed to loving and praying for them!

If you are interested in sponsoring a child from Guatemala or Guyana, please visit
Caroline's Promise.

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