Thoughts From Our South Carolina Director

From our South Carolina Director, Rebecca:

The orphan crisis is often overlooked because it is so great. With over 143 million orphans under the age of 18 in the world today, it is easy to say, ?What difference can I make?? Christ said in Matthew 18:12 that the shepherd would be willing to search for one sheep. The orphan crisis has to be fought one orphan at a time through the care of orphans where they are at, as well as bringing them into loving families. Only one organization has enough reach, resources, and people to connect with every one of these children: the church.

If we, the Church, are to be an outpouring of God?s love to His people, than we cannot ignore the orphan crisis. We have to become involved in bringing hope to orphans around world. In James 1:27 we are told that pure religion is to ?visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction?, as Christ visited us when we were but sinners. We are to bring the fatherless before God in prayer and to get involved by trusting that God will use us and our resources to change lives worldwide. Matthew 25 tells us that whatever we do for the vulnerable and downtrodden we do for the King. Then He will say ?Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world.?

In your pray time, ask God what your role in his work of caring for the fatherless should be. Once He has given you a vision, contact Caroline's Promise and we can help you get started in your work for the kingdom. Here are some ideas to pray about.

 Families to love and care for children in crisis.
 Organizers to help plan activities and events.
 Prayer Warriors to lift up orphans, adoptive families and foster families.
 Sponsors for a Guyana child?s Christmas gifts.
 Mentors to spend time nurturing foster children.
 Families and individuals to act as a support team for new adoptive and foster families.
 Individuals to serve as a liaison to their church to help the body minister to orphans.
 Professionals to give training in parenting and issues specific to adoptive and foster families.
 Fundraisers to seek out financial support for ministry activities.
 Adventurers to bless the fatherless in orphanages across the seas.
 Socialites to hold parties selling fair trade items.
 American teachers to train teachers in Guatemala.
 Those who wish to honor loved ones by giving a grant which will give a fatherless child a home.
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