To Change And Be Changed

Often times we share with you statistics; how many children in the world are orphaned, how many are double orphans, how many are in need of basic supplies, how many will go without unless someone with means steps up and takes action. Other times we share the impact your contributions make, for the individual child, for their community. But the affects of loving in Jesus’ name, don't just stop at the intital moment of action; it goes out like a sonic boom, shaking the foundations of the earth for generations.

This is Amber. She has supported Caroline’s Promise for a number of years, through volunteering her time, even focusing her Senior Project in High School on orphan awareness, educating hundreds of people in her community. Today she’s a local college student, balancing life between friends, family, work, and school. In 2010 she went with Caroline’s Promise on a mission trip to Guatemala. Like any person who serves with Caroline’s Promise in a foreign country, Amber’s eyes were opened to the plight millions face daily; lack of clean water, nutrition, education, clothing, protection, family. Though she had heard about orphans for many years, seeing it with her own eyes made a lasting impact.

This is Juan Diego. He is seven years old and an orphan. In the spring of 2011, Amber began sponsoring him so he could attend school at Casita Adonai. We can see the affect Amber’s sponsorship has on Juan Diego. He gets to have an education, healthy meals, a safe place to go during the day…his future is brighter and more certain because of Amber’s choice to love through giving. Amber has certainly impacted this Guatemalan boy. But this sweet child has had a huge impact on Amber. Every month as she supported his future, he impacted her present moment. Constantly, she was reminded of Juan Diego, his needs, his life.

In the summer of 2011, Amber went back to Guatemala with Caroline’s Promise and met Juan Diego. In her own words, “Before I went to Guatemala, Diego was just a picture of a child on my dresser who I prayed for every day. But now, because I was able to go to Guatemala and actually meet Diego, he has become a part of my family. Being able to be a part of this child’s life is one of the most rewarding things in my life. This beautiful seven year old taught me so much about myself and life. I don’t take anything for granted anymore.” Amber’s mindset has changed from consumerist-thinking, to thinking in terms of, “I could sponsor a child for what I just spent on….” She even has a picture of her and Diego on her debit card, so that with every purchase she makes, she is reminded of what is really important. Her first purchase on her new debit card was a $25 donation to purchase a gift for one of the children in Guyana. What began as an opportunity to change an orphan’s life, turned into Amber’s life being changed. “It sounds silly,” she says, “but Diego changed my life. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for him.” Her thoughts are always on when she can see him next, which, lucky for her, will be in just a few short weeks as she co-leads a Caroline’s Promise team to Guatemala right after Christmas.

Caroline’s Promise sponsorship program began in December 2010, and 64 children have been sponsored. There are 36 more students that need sponsoring. Would you consider giving a gift that will impact a lifetime? Your $35 contribution will allow a child like Juan Diego, to attend school, get a hot meal and learn about the love of Jesus in a safe and caring environment. To learn more about how you can love in Jesus' name through the gift of child sponsorship, click here. To follow us on Facebook, click here.