Two Children - One Nation- One Destiny

Thoughts from Angie, our eyes, ears, and heart in Guyana:

"“Auntie, what is HIV?”

“Auntie Angie what is virus?”

“What is disease, Auntie?”

These were all the most recent questions by a ten-year-old child from RCHCC. Naturally I explained it at a ten-year-old level using the terms of good soldiers and bad soldiers and how the good ones are fighting the bad ones inside our bodies to keep us healthy. I explained sickness in terms of colds and flu and how those go away, but some sickness does not go away. And one sickness that does not leave our body if we get it is HIV. Interesting enough, he is not learning this in school, but every student will hear about HIV and all the sexually transmitted Infections and diseases in Grade 6. Naturally, my mind wonders how that will impact the children living at RCHCC. Thankfully they have an environment where questions can be asked. Maybe they will feel safe enough to voice their fears, anger and illegitimate shame so stigma and discrimination won’t scar them for life. Perhaps their opportunity to know God and his love for them will cause them to be tremendous agents of change as one people – one nation – one destiny!"
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