A Moment's Kindness Changing Generations, Part Two

To read about Iana, a young girl in Plastic City, Guyana click here.

Stephanie continues sharing how we can make a difference for a young girl in Plastic City.

"Iana’s ear problems and hearing loss have affected her educationally and in building healthy relationships. If her years-long ear infections and their possible cause are not addressed, her hearing loss will progress. This will greatly affect her future.

Recently, Iana’s grandmother approached Angie, who serves for CP in Plastic City about getting help for Iana’s ears. It is important that Iana's family be able to financially participate in her tratment, and over the last 8 months, her grandmother has saved approximately $40 towards medical tests for Iana. This is an extraordinary amount that she has set aside!

Angie arranged for Iana to be able to see an ear specialist (ENT) at a private hospital in Georgetown, Guyana. We learned that a hearing aid will not solve Iana’s situation. Since Iana’s middle ears were so full of infection it was impossible to be 100% clear on the total damage. The doctor is concerned that Iana has holes in her ears-- thankfully they can be fixed in a private hospital right here in Guyana. This surgery will stop the progressive hearing loss. However a cat scan will give us the true picture and help us determine the next steps.

We would like to help Iana and stop the progressive hearing loss that has isolated her for much of her life, and has affected her academically, behaviorally and socially. The cost for the CAT Scan is $200 (US dollars) and the surgery cost is yet to be determined if it is needed.

You CAN make a difference in the life of this sweet girl. Your moment's kindness will change her life forever. If you feel God leading you to partner with us to help with Iana's medical costs, specifically the CAT scan, please click the donation link choose "FUND - Guyana Orphan Project" and then in the Comments section, type, "Guyana Medical - Iana".