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From Angie Hemric, our coordinator in Guyana:

"Leadership – Theresa Style!
Posted on December 16, 2011 by

Theresa and Beni were glad to be the first ones to see me as I made my way into Plastic City on Thursday. They wanted to talk over a plan with me before the rest of the children began swarming. The core group (many who don’t go steady to school and did not go to the school party) had been wishing, from among themselves, for a PAL Christmas party. So Theresa and Beni were looked to by the group to share the idea with me. As we stood by the wall the duo walked me through the groups thinking and I quietly admired the thorough planning. I was also stirred by the genuine desire from the children to do the party from within their own means. Naturally I said yes, with only one clarification. I gently reminded them that this was not a core group party, but a core group planned party. Therefore it needed to be open to anyone who we know as a PAL kid. All were in agreement and I handed the impromptu planning session back over to the core leaders.

My hand was the scribe as Theresa told me what to write (smile) and my grin could not be hidden as I joyfully watched Theresa gracefully lead as the organizer. The only time my voice was heard was when I was asked for my thoughts or chose to pose a question to help them process a little more. Her supporting cast of Deborah, Safrose, Beni and Finny helped her make sure that every child could comfortably participant in the “chip-in” plan.

Theresa and the Beni family were the first to speak up and cover the cost of the party menu (Chow Mein, Fried Rice and cake). It is no secret in PC that you have poor children and poorer children, but I have never seen grace in children like I saw today. Today I learned from children, like Theresa, who found a way to give dignity to each one in the group. Once the drinks were covered by one person and a family of cousins pulled together to bring cups, food boxes and spoons Theresa and cast created a $100 ($.50) category. In this bracket children could choose to bring ice, balloons, party bags, cookies, sweeties…etc. I was amazed then to watch them in action, but as I put my thoughts on paper now – I am in awe...."

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Will you pray with us today? Just a few minutes of your time, spent for the least of these.... join us.

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