Day One in Guyana

The past two days have been long and exhausting.  Today Sydney and I where given the opportunity to budget our own money for our time here in Guyana. Angie is giving us the opportunity to learn how to handle money when you’re on a small missionary budget, she is also allowing us to handle the cab fees and pay for our own meals with our budget money. Angie is allowing us to get a glimpse of what life on the mission field is like day in and day out.

Today we met the Wesleyan District Superintendent Reverend Ivan Williams at the Wesleyan District Office/Bible College in Georgetown. He asked some pretty direct and straight to the point questions to Sydney and I, which I have to admit at first I was a little stunned. In America we don’t ask these kinds of questions in the first five minutes of a conversation. He asked us point blank “what are your plans while in Guyana” and “what do you feel the Lord has called you to do with your life”.  While talking, he brought up a subject that was completely from God straight to Amber. It was a random topic but it was exactly what I shared about this morning that I wanted to hear from God about. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Rev. Williams also shared with us about dropping everything to follow Christ, not “Okay, I will follow but let me go say goodbye to all my family,” but Jesus wants us to follow him whole-heartedly. While I am giving up what seems like a lot to come to Guyana for seven weeks the Lord is going to reward me for dropping school, work, and family. He already has blessed me for dropping my life back at home to come serve him. The Lord never said it would be easy to follow him - but why should it be? We were created to be his hands and feet. Mathew 16:24 says “if anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.”  We as Christians are supposed to die daily and pick up our cross and follow Jesus.      [Written by Amber]

Today was my first day in Guyana. This morning Angie taught us how to budget our own money while we are here. This is to teach us how to handle these things for ourselves. Amber and I thought we were rich when Angie handed us an envelope with $40,000 in it for the week! Then she told us that we really were only given $200 in American money! Today, I also tried Guyanese food. I had fried rice & baked chicken. Yummy! We also spent time walking through the city and going to a few stores. But my day got more exciting when we went to Ruimveldt Children Home & Care Centre (RCHCC)
Today was my first experience at RCHCC and it was my favorite part of our day. As soon as we pulled up to the home the kids were standing at the gate ready to see us. Since the kids haven’t seen Angie for a while, they were overjoyed to see her. They ran to her and all of them hugged her at once. Then they did not hesitate to rap their little arms around us and give us big hugs too! While we were there, I got to spend time playing with the kids. I was taught new games and learned many new songs. Stephanie and I spent a long time sitting in a wooden box singing songs with the kids. They loved this because we were all in this wooden crate having a great time of fun! They would teach us a song then we would teach them a song. The whole time was full of joy and laughter!  I also was able to help do some physical therapy with two of the children that are physically handicapped. Their smiles went straight to my heart! I loved being able to do this therapy with them since I want to be a Physical Therapist. This opportunity and experience is exactly what I was asking God for! He truly knows how to touch my heart and let me see Him in every situation. Working with these two boys was a true blessing from God and I look forward to going back to the children’s home very soon!

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