Not Home Yet - Thoughts From Angie

Our missionary to Guyana, Angie Hemric will head back tomorrow after 10 weeks at home. We've attached part of her thoughts on what God has shown her. As she continues to serve and represent us to the people of Guyana, will you join with us in praying for her?

 From Angie:

Not Home Yet…

Ten weeks have come and gone and you know what, leaving is hard!!  People have been asking if I am ready and I don’t know how to answer that except to say that I am prepared.  My mind is set and my emotions are topsy-turvy, but they will catch up soon.  And, really if it takes them a while then that will be okay too because it is not supposed to be easy to transition, right? Right!  So…I am prepared.
I anticipate amazing days and months ahead as I return and the partnership with the local church and the people of Plastic City is strengthened and enlarged.  It really is going to be two more great years together, but honestly, I am still holding onto those I love here and wanting those moments to last a little longer.
Relationship transitions will be the hardest transitions to accept, but I also must celebrate answered prayer. And upon my return I will prepare for two interns that will arrive on Monday.  They will mark the first wave of international short-term individuals and teams that will give me much-anticipated company and lend support to the ongoing ministry in Plastic City.  My house will be a revolving door for the next two years and that is major prayer answered!
The other adjustments are minor in comparison like….
  • Hot water, Oh how I have so loved that!!
  • Being overwhelmed by endless selections in giant-sized grocery stores
  • Real milk – can’t get enough of it!
  • Driving….the days of being a passenger again are almost upon me.
  • That lovely full-strength blast of AC whenever I want it.
  • Texting friends…even if I am slow.  It’s been wonderful!
  • Christian Radio played loud and proud…reggae, hip-hop, and explicit rap is near.
Oh, but it is time!  Time for my cell phone and instant life to be turned off and my Skype life, whistle while you wait life to resume.   [Deep Sigh]

In recent days I have found myself living between two countries.  One minute I am calling Guyana home in response to a question and the next minute calling North Carolina home.  And it should not be that confusing! After all did I not grow up in America?  But here I am living out of suitcases every day and sleeping in borrowed beds.  So am I really home?  I hang my clothes up in Guyana.  I find myself wanting to sleep in my own bed – but it is in Guyana. What is wrong with that picture?? It’s not that one is bad and the other good… is more like God just keeps driving home a continuous lesson on perspective.

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