Heart Makers and Heart Breakers

Thoughts from Amber & Sydney in Guyana 

Heart Makers
Singing Christian songs like “Nobody Greater” and “Deep Down in my Heart” with the children at the children’s home.
Doing physical therapy with two children at the Children’s Home.
Hearing the children call us Auntie Sydney and Auntie Amber.
Hearing the taxi driver say he wanted to buy food to cook a meal for the children’s home.
A family who is building a house to hopefully move out of Plastic City.
Seeing the passion in teacher Nikki’s eyes when she is teaching the children at PAL .

Heart Breakers
The thought of what the children at PAL go home to each night, like no running water, an outhouse for a bathroom, no electricity, and only one good meal a day.
All of the children that are falling through the cracks at school because they are so far behind for their age.
Kids who choose not to go to school in Plastic City because it’s left up to them to decide if they want to go to school or not.
All the children that we have worked with who can’t read, write, count, or identify their colors.

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