Rainy, Rainy Day in Guyana

Today is a rainy, rainy day.  It is the end of the rainy season here in Guyana and it seems to be squeezing in as much wet as possible!  Fortunately, our plans for the day are all inside.  We are continuing with painting and repairs at the missions house and later on in the day we will visit the children’s home again to do some more crafts.  Looking forward to another day of hard work and challenges!
On Wednesday, we worked some more in the missions house in the morning and then we spent the afternoon at PAL in Plastic City.  With more kids this time, we had little hives of busy bees all around.  I think we are all again struck by the children’s eagerness to learn.  How many kids do you know who willingly and joyfully come to an afterschool tutoring session to work on multiplication tables and geography?  They ask for nothing else but our presence and involvement in their lives.  We are all praying that our brief time with them will help them to feel God’s agape love and that Angie and the Vreed-en-hoop church members are able to explain that love to them someday.
Wednesday was Independence Day, which of course is only celebrated by Americans!  Still, we were able to celebrate in a distinctly American way…eating a lot!  We were privileged to have much of the staff of Vreed-en-hoop eat dinner with us, so Angie and Amber had a great idea to share our foods and cultures with each other.  Since we couldn’t have a traditional Fourth of July cookout, they opted to go the Thanksgiving route with turkey, stuffing, bora (instead of green beans) and corn, and potato salad.  The Guyanese contributed ginger beer, sour (a spicy mango sauce), purri (a layered pastry type of bread), channa (a chickpea dish) and white pudding (cow intestines stuffed with rice).  I would definitely have to say that neither group has ever had a Fourth of July like this one!  The time spent with our fellow believers was so wonderful and we look forward to deepening our friendship in the coming years.

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