A Big Day Of Influence

Thoughts from Nate, Sarah and Victoria from the NC West Team….
To feel both deep heartache and share in the joy that only comes with salvation in the same day is a rare occurrence. Today our team joined Angie and the PAL Youth leaders on an excursion that included a trip to the market,  a state park and St. George’s Cathedral.  It was at the park that we played, shared lunch, ran races and fed sea manatees (you read that right, check back for the videos). We also engaged in a conversation that both broke hearts and saved souls.
The subject for the conversation was influence. Our two ladies on the team (Sarah and Victoria) were especially impacted by the conversation that happened in a small blue shelter surrounded by exotic trees, dancing yellow finches and even the occasional chicken hawk (as one youth described it). Shrouded in this beautiful backdrop the Holy Spirit descended and brought about a harvest in the life of one of the PAL leaders
In the first part of the day Sarah felt pricked by the Holy Spirit that one of our young ladies just needed some total TLC. However she waited to see if this was something truly led of the Holy Spirit.  A while later the connection began as the young teen wanted to do her hair.  Six hours later Sarah had a tremendous talk with this young lady about influence as they sat under a tree.    Sarah led her to the Lord in a meaningful way that assured the young lady that she was now a new creation in Christ.
Another team member, Victoria, shared a few simple words about who has influenced her to follow Christ.  Then as the children opened up about their families Victoria was impacted by them.  She totally realized how good she had it and how she takes her parents kindness for granted.
So in the midst of difficult conversations there was the triumph of salvation and a triumph of cohesiveness among our PAL Leaders to be influencers of change – and to start right now!
To see the video that connect with this post, click here!

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