Down Time On An Upbeat From Angie

Our PAL summer session officially closed off this past Friday in order to give everyone a week to prepare for school to open back on September 3rd.   While the lessons sessions are closed we will still be in the area enjoying some down time and broadening our ministry outside of the walls of PAL.

Vreedenhoop Wesleyan church, (our partner church) raised funds to clothe Thirty children from the community in school uniforms for the 2012-2013 school year.  Sister Pam, our future sewing instructor in PC, went to work measuring the children and sewing 60 uniforms in the month of August.  So while we are “down” for the summer we will end with an upbeat time on Friday afternoon as parents in the community and members of the church come together under Liz’s house to cast the vision for the future and take PAL to a next level.

Members of our partner church have also been walking the community and talking to families whose children attended VBS in July.  I was thrilled to make introductions to six families in recent days and watch Teacher Seeta and our cell group leader, Ms. Neibert talk with families about their children’s decision with the Lord.  All of the parents were encouraged by their children’s choices and were interested in attending our new cell group on Wednesday nights.  These upbeat meetings will begin from this Wednesday, August 29th at 6:00 pm.  You can certainly pray with us as we now move into the arena of Biblical Teaching and Community Health.
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