Jetty Walk: One Team Member's Thoughts On Guyana

"One of the jetty walls leads to the Atlantic ocean. I walked it. It broke me.  When I stood at the end of it and looked out into the only ocean I have ever seen, it didn't even seem possible that it was the same ocean.  We taught the kids in PAL about the planets the whole week, and in that moment it felt like the Atlantic ocean I have visited my whole life must have been on another planet.  In front of me was a blank ocean with no signs of life besides steel ships that marked the opposite bank.  The waves didn't even seem to have any desire to crash on the shore.  Behind me was a community with unbelievable inner and outer beauty.  Smiles that would make stars seem dim.  In perfect harmony with my feelings I was standing over the gap where two huge pieces of the jetty wall had broken apart.  I was part of the wall.  I want to lead them all to something beautiful.  A new life. Free of the mud, crabs, abuse, drugs, alcohol, and generational poverty that they have known. In the midst of that, I realized that only God's plan could change the scenery at the end of their jetty.  My plan would more than likely lead them back to the same settings they have come accustomed to. God's plan could take the end of that jetty and turn it into Myrtle Beach. I have to be willing to listen. I have to be willing to obey."

Guyana was Brandon's first overseas mission trip and while he cannot "fix" everything gone wrong here, he has certainly not returned home to rest.  He returned home to be a voice for the voiceless.  He is now using that voice to make others aware of our push to sponsor thirty children with school textbooks for the 2012-2013 school year.  He has currently found 10 sponsors at $25.00 each.  If you would like to join him in this $25 endeavor click here to be taken to the donation page.  Type "Guyana textbooks" in the comment box so your funds can be channeled correctly. Thank you for partnering with us!

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