Team Heads to Guyana

From Angie:

Twenty-four hours from now I will be on my way to pick up a team of 5 youth, ages 16-25 and 1 youth pastor from the NC West District.  These six energetic young people are going pack in a week of memories and I am sure we will not want them to leave us a week later.  The trip has been in the works since youth camp 2011.  Our week together is firmly focused on helping 7 of our core youth in Plastic City understand what it means to be a Christian just a little bit better.  Additionally, the youth will be a part of our educational program called PAL.
We will all work with our children on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and then just spend time playing sports and being in the community.  On the alternate three days we will spend the entire day with the seven youth from PC. The NC West youth will be stretched in sharing their faith and life with others.  So, pray for our health to stay strong and pray, in a big way, that all the youth from PC can come without struggles from home.  Also pray for us to stay in step with the Holy Spirit and follow His lead as we look at four key topics during our day outings.
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