Please pray for two of our sponsored kids

I learned this week that two of our sweet sponsored kids lost their father unexpectedly.  He suffered from an issue with his brain and passed away after three days in the hospital.  He was 39 years old.  His sweet wife, Brenda attended Iglesia Adonai in Guatemala City faithfully.  Throughout the years I learned to expect her sweet smile to greet me no matter when I was at the church or school.  Her kids, Pablo and Paola were always with her and loved to interact with our teams. 

Pablo is full of life, a typical boy who likes to do typical boy things.  But what has always stood out to me is that on Sunday mornings Pablo is always the first to stand up front and lead the group in worship.  And he's always the first to offer to pray for the group.  Pablo loves Jesus.  And he loves Casita Adonai and his church.

Paola, his sister will begin classes at Casita Adonai in January, thanks to the amazing family that sponsors her.  These kids sadly are not the first to experience the loss of a parent.  What I have grown to expect is that when they enter Casita Adonai or the church, Iglesia Adonai - they are safe.  Safe to express their feelings, to be loved and prayed for, and to be cared for.  I'm so thankful that Pablo, Paola, and their Mom, Brenda will experience the same.

On my last day of a three week trip to Guatemala this past summer I was struggling with some things.  When we arrived at the school I heard people praying upstairs.  We were told that they had been fasting and praying throughout the night.  Our team quietly worked as they prayed.  Delmi came to me at one point and said "Do you hear them?  They are praying for you Lisa."  Before they left three of the women found me and told me how they would commit to pray for me and for my family.  Brenda was one of those women. 

I'm so thankful for the ministry of Caroline's Promise, the people who pray, those who give, the child sponsors, the volunteers, those who go on teams, the churches who support.  And I'm thankful for the churches that we partner with in Guatemala and Guyana.  Those who minister to families like Brenda's - day after day.  Thank you.

Will you join me in praying for Brenda, Pablo, and Paola?

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