O Happy Day!

"Today, on this last Sunday of 2012, we celebrated the baptism of twenty persons from all ages and stages of life.  It was an extra-special celebration in my heart as three of our children from plastic city were among the twenty.  Nine year old Shania, Ten year old Beni and Thirteen year old Kelly, all three were girls and all three represented a different family.  They all made professions of faith in 2011 at our Christmas gathering and we built on that foundation throughout the year.  Then, in the summer Vacation Bible School, they talked with someone about being a friend of Jesus and we started working one on one with them through the community Sunday School and New Believers class.   Like every other candidate they were interviewed by the board and because they were children their parents had to give them permission to be baptized.

 Kelly, was the second in her family to be baptized.  Her mom blazed the trail with her profession of faith in July, and entered the New Believers class which culminated in her baptism on the first Sunday of  October.  The other young girls are the first in their family, but we are praying that the families will follow behind them soon.  Tomorrow I will share more of their stories, but for today, I just want to soak in the moment and celebrate this happy day!
So, do a little karaoke with me and celebrate our newest family members……………
O’ Happy Day
When Jesus washed my sins away!"
Thoughts from our partner missionary Angie, in Guyana.

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