Cake Decorating!

From Angie:
I have learned in my time working in Plastic City, to stop looking for the big numbers as a means to measure success because the elation of the big “Wow!” is very short-lived. In order to stay with this work I have turned to celebrate the “one” or in the case of the cake decoration course, the “five.”  These ladies pulled together in class and encouraged one another outside of class.  Every Friday my feet hastened to get there just to be around them to hear them laugh with one another, give advice to one another, and push one another to be a little better.  Friday’s were bright, bright days in the Jetty!
Working hardProud Cake DecoratorIn six weeks ladies found a way to have an apron, a head covering, a bowl, whisk, eggs, limes, icing sugar, cake thimbles and all they needed to bake one cake a week to bring to class.  Some of them borrowed from the community box we established, and gave back to it when they had it later in the course.  Others borrowed from friends, but the bottom line was all of them found a way to have their supplies for class AND purchase their certificate from the distance education arm of the University of Guyana.
Final ClassThere is much, much more to tell, but for today enjoy the gallery of pictures and a video from the first class. To see the video and more pictures, click here!

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