One of the sweetest parts of directing a ministry like Caroline's Promise is investing in future leaders. Twelve years ago, while God was first giving the vision of CP to us, I was blessed to take a young teen and her dad on a mission trip to Guatemala. Her name was Trish, and at first glance I saw a tough, independent, closed-off girl who appeared to be confident but deep inside was insecure. Trish engaged in ministry that week, and her dad, Ron, became one of the first board members for CP. Trish continued to go on trips with us, but I didn't begin to see her leadership potential until she was in college.

Through a series of events and connections, I saw Trish's heart and realized that deep down inside she just wanted someone outside of her family to see her gifts and believe in her. During college, she began to figure out who she was through her growing relationship with Jesus. Each year we gave her more responsibility on our teams. She jokes about the year that we put her in charge of counting school supplies! She eventually assisted a team leader, and for the last two years she has co led teams for us.

I came across this saying recently: If you are planning for one year, plant rice. If you are planning for ten years, plant trees. If you are planning for 100 years, plant people. Trish is one of those people that will share God's love and and "plant people" all over the world for years to come.

She's a strong leader, is able to make decisions and enforce them when needed, and has a unique way of making people laugh. It's been a joy to invest in Trish and see her grow more and more in love with Jesus.

Years ago while on a mission trip to Guyana, Jesus whispered to me that my purpose on life was not to be in the mission field full time, but to take others so that he could then call them to the mission field. Trish is proof that I heard him correctly.

In January she will embark on the journey of a lifetime as she joins the World Race. Eleven countries in eleven months. She will serve with a team that will minister in different cultures, through different methods, and I believe she will be forever changed through this experience.

I have amazing confidence in her because of who she is and whose she is. I see Jesus all over this calling in her life, and although watching her leave for almost a year will be difficult, I can't wait to see how Jesus works in and through her.

Will you pray for Trish?  You can follow her journey on her blog at where you can also support her financially.

Thank you, Trish, for investing in the ministry of CP and loving the people of Guatemala so well! We love you!

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