Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wilson Community Church hits the ground running!

Wilson Community Church team arrived in Guatemala this past Friday and hit the ground running!

On Sunday the team was able to attend the first QuinceaƱera held for girls that attend our church in the community of Gerona.  The four girls were able to dress in prom dresses, with hair and makeup complete. Although we thought this was not a big deal, bringing the dresses, the make-up, and the hair accessories for the girls, we were taken aback by their overwhelming sense of gratitude and their excitement. Many moms expressed that this was a gift from God as they would have not been able to give justice to this momentous occasion without the team’s help. The ceremony was beautiful and a learning experience even to those of us that are familiar with this celebration.

On Monday  the team tookth graders to Pana for the night. It was a lot of fun to watch them outside of the school. The children got to swim, play, shop, and talk. Being able to listen and love on this group of kids meant a lot to our team.  During the boy’s talk all four accepted Christ! Our prayer is that God will continue to use them all for his glory

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Vine Wesleyan Church invests in Guatemala

We were so excited to have The Vine Wesleyan Church back with us this year.  Led by their Youth Pastor, Monty Ader, and our CP volunteer, Kaitlyn Armstrong, this team spent a busy week hosting music camp at both Casita Adonai and for kids in the community of Gerona.   The team was especially touched by the kids in Gerona as the number grew daily!  

Several teachers from the team worked with our teachers at Casita Adonai and we are hearing that it was one of the best received sessions they have ever had.  The team also partnered with youth and young adults from Iglesia Adonai to host an evangelistic outreach service for teens in the community.  Two people accepted Jesus for the first time!

We hope to share many more testimonies from this team, but in the meantime here are their sentences from their debrief on 

"What God taught me"

God taught me that no matter where you are or where you come from we are all the same, and we are all Gods children. Music, handshakes, laughter, smiles, hugs, etc. transcends any language barrier.

God taught me how amazing it feels to put a smile on a kids face while being able to spend time with my best friend. In all, this led me to spend more time with God.

God taught me that he has a plan for me and it is not always the plan I had for myself. (Phil. 3:15-16)

Im grateful to connect with other Christian adults that I can look up to, learn from, and laugh with.

In Guatemala, God gave new hope for Gerona.

This week allowed me to see the way God works by building relationships. He showed me that my life has a purpose. I learned that sometimes its good to step out of your comfort zone to fulfill a greater calling.

If we make the good of others one of our primary goals, then we will develop a servant attitude that pleases the Lord.

The Lord reminded me and showed my daughter that I am a good teacher, that I love to teach, and I do it for Him.  He allowed me to have laughter that has been missing in my life.

Not until now did I have an appreciation for relational based ministries. It was an encounter with Gods heart. I feel transformed spiritually, given a strong desire to do more.

God taught me that every single moment counts. He has a purpose no matter how big or how small the moment may be.

God taught me that He has a plan for each and every person. I feel that we are all meant to be brothers and sisters, and we should be using our gifts to help others realize their potential, and that they have been given gifts by God. Our work is not finished; I have a new mission to continue at home.

On my trip, I got to experience a different culture and make new friends while spending time with my best friend. Whether it was playing games, doing flips, or showing love to this kids, I know everyone experienced Gods love this week.

There are so many things in America that we need,but in Guatemala, they actually need them. They dont complain about it and are happy.

We really never understand what part of the planting process we are a part of until later.

I came on this missions trip to give to others, to share my talents, and give the joy of music, but God taught me that He is greater. I received so much more than I could imagine.

It was truly a joy to see each member of the team teaching children

God taught me that it is my responsibility to serve my community, far and near, and His promises prevail, regardless the size of my faith.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Largest Team of the Year Ministers Through Art & Basketball

It was a busy week for our Family and Teen Team that ended up bigger than we planned.  Even though this was a large team we couldn't have asked for better attitudes and team work!  The family team, led by Stephanie DiMora spent the week teaching art to the kids at Casita Adonai.  As the kids learned new forms of art, they heard words of truth spoken over them.

"God made you a masterpiece"
"Jesus adores you"
"He likes the way you look"
"He's proud of you!"
The week ended with an art expo where the parents were able to view the masterpieces.  We are always looking for ways to build community and interact with these families and the art expo was a wonderful opportunity to do just that!

Our teen team ministered in the community through a basketball camp that was held at a local park.  Kids and teens from the community came and not only learned basketball techniques but learned what Jesus says about faith, peace, and forgiveness.  The Caroline's Promise team partnered with the youth and young adults from Iglesia Adonai who provided dramas each day and helped minister to the campers.

In their spare time this team continued painting projects in the new Building of Promise and even enjoyed a day off at the beach!

Here's a list of what this team learned while in Guatemala.

 God taught me........

1.     That I will never fully get to a place of completion but that I will be in a place where I am content growing, and if I am content and willing, He will continue to place me where I need to be to continue making progress towards completion.
2.     If you're doing what God wants you to do, He will take care of everything no matter how big or small it is.
3.     God let me see Carlitos and God told me that He keeps his promises.
4.     I must be obedient even when its uncomfortable or unpopular. If I am obedient I will see the fruit of my labor.
5.     He gives us words to say when we need them and when we seek Him.
6.     God can use pebbles and turn them into mountains.
7.     That He has created me to obey and to experience Him for His glory.
8.     That Gods love can be shown through our actions, not just through our words.
9.     God still molds us as we grow with Him, and all the things we do in His name.
10.  Trust not in the doing for Him, but in Him.
11.  Jesus wants me to love people for Him.
12.  There is nothing God doesn't see from the suffering or the struggling of a mother and child in Guatemala to the silent pain in our hearts. He is big enough!
13.  He is an unpredictable God and loved on me and through me in ways I could not have predicted or imagined.
14.  God knows what He is doing.
15.  He has proven his love over and over to me, but this week, specifically this morning, He showed me a whole new aspect of His love for me and the rest of His children.
16.  That His plans are greater than the plans I have made for myself.
17.  It is okay to step out of your comfort zone and obedience to God is key.
18.  True Godly love knows no economic, social, or language boundaries and sometimes the servant gets more than they could ever give.
19.  Its not about how much work you do in the community, its about the relationships you form.
20.  I dont know where God wants me to do missions work, but I do know He wants me on the missions field. This trip God showed me that it takes a lot of faith to do missions work.
21.  God taught me to start living with abandon and to put every part of my life in His hands and to stop living in fear, anxiety, and oppression.
22.  That my prayers can be answered and my fears can be calmed through Gods purposeful blessings that remind me God has a reason and a perfect time for everything.
23.  That small things like a smile, wave, or hug can brighten a day, and if you can do that act of kindness, then it could turn the darkest of situations into something joyful.
24.  When I have worried or doubt I need to trust in the Lord and that there is a reason He has placed me where I am and know that He is always there for me, even when I have no one.
25.  He will be my comfort.
26.  When I listen to God and embrace the plans He has for me, Ill find myself in the right places at the right times, sometimes for personal growth and learning and sometimes to be the one person that someone else needs.