Monday, September 14, 2015

Attraction Book Fundraiser to Benefit Business Training Conference for Women

Dear Friends of Caroline's Promise,
We are excited  to offer our supporters the Attractions Dining and Value Guide, which is a money saving coupon book! Using 2 or 3 coupons at your favorite restaurants and stores will easily pay for the book and save you hundreds of dollars or more! 

The Attractions Coupon book contains thousands of dollars worth of buy one get one free and discount coupons from the area's best restaurants and retailers! Valid NOW through December 31, 2016! Both Guilford County and Forsyth County books will be available. 

The goal of this sale is to raise funds for the ministry of Caroline's Promise.  All money raised will directly benefit our Business Training Conference for women in Guatemala. 

Our fundraiser is simple:
1. The cost of each book is $25.00 Please send a check to Caroline's
Promise (1950 Beeson Road, Kernersville, NC 27284) or pay online and write the number of books you are purchasing and Forsyth or Guilford County in the memo.  
2. Makes checks payable to Caroline's Promise 
3. Orders will only be filled ASAP.
4. Oct. 31, 2015 is the last day to turn in order.

Attractions books make great holiday and birthday gifts. Please spread the word and offer the
coupon book to family, friends, and co-workers to help
increase the success of this fundraiser. Send your envelope with any
correspondence to ensure you receive your books. If you have any questions,
call Shiela Juchs at 706-449-3251.

Thank you in advance for your support

Friday, September 4, 2015

Giving comes full circle in Gerona

Almost a year ago we received an anonymous donation designated for our Threads of Promise Sewing Program.  Little did we know that while this donation was being mailed our partners in Guatemala were asking God for a way to start Threads of Promise in the community of Gerona.  (read the story here) What has taken place since then is beautiful!

Learning about sewing and Jesus:)
Let me explain the community of Gerona.  Tin houses with dirt floors and no indoor plumbing.  Very few have running water and those that do use a common sink for cooking, bathing, washing clothes This video shows what Gerona is like. 
and dishes.  Several families own their property but most rent and are often forced to move because their landlord just decides he wants to do something different with the land.  Most adults don't have an education and so finding work is difficult.  The kids can go to public school for free but often can't afford the supplies and school uniform.  Neighbors steal from one another, creating an environment of distrust.  Two years ago there was very little unity amongst the families that attended the Sunday afternoon church services.  

When our partner church, Iglesia Adonai was asked to plant a church in this area the vision that God women's Bible study is now being held every Sunday afternoon, led by the women of Iglesia Adonai.  The women not only learned how to sew but they learned of their worth and value and began sharing this truth with others in their community.
Women's Bible Study - Gerona
gave them included job skills training.  In early 2015 classes began with a handful of women who really didn't know one another.  Our friend, Oneida traveled to Gerona each Thursday and poured into these women.  They studied God's word and shared and prayed together.  Months later Oneida told us that it was these women who were starting to encourage other women to come and bring their kids to the church service.  It was at their request that a
Dresses altered by "Ana" with her new machine

"Ana" donating her first offering
In June each of the ladies from Threads of Promise attended our women's retreat and the only one of them who had never asked Jesus into her heart did so that weekend!  In August when we hosted the first  QuinceaƱera for the girls in Gerona, one of the ladies offered to alter the dresses at a discount and then she used the funds earned with her new machine to make her first offering to the church.

A year ago our partners had a dream of starting Threads of Promise in Gerona.
At the same time God led an anonymous donor to give to the sewing ministry.
A year later 5 women have a skill and a sewing machine that will help them provide for their families.
A year later those women are giving back to their community and to the church.

So what's next?
We want to take this process a step farther by offering a week long business training for every lady in Gerona and the area around Iglesia Adonai who have completed the Threads of Promise program.  That anonymous donation provided a way for one of our board members to receive the training needed to offer our first Business Training Conference in January of 2016.

This is the Body of Christ and we are blessed to be a part!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Business Training = Changed Lives

For the past several years Caroline's Promise has partnered with Iglesia Adonai to host sewing classes for women in the community.  We call the program "Threads of Promise" because of the opportunities it provides.  Through the three month discipleship and skills training classes the women experience community and begin to understand just how much God adores them.  They sell the product that they make and we match their earnings.  At graduation they receive a new sewing machine and a women's devotional Bible.

From the beginning our dream was to offer  business training for these women but we could never find the right curriculum.  Last year the Lord led us to Yobel International, a Colorado based ministry that empowers communities to eliminate extreme poverty, unjust labor and human trafficking through business training and consumer education.  Yobel has developed an interactive, discussion-based Entrepreneurial Training Curriculum and we are excited for the opportunity to purchase a license and train our friends in Guatemala.

Our plans are to conduct our first training in the Spring of  2016.  The cost for each woman to attend the training is $250.  We are looking for 35 sponsors or a total of $8750 make this training a reality.  Will you consider joining us?  Any donation is greatly appreciated!  Follow this link to join us!

If you would like to join us on this team please touch base with us as soon as possible!  We are looking for a small team of men and women who are comfortable leading a small group in this business training setting.  We will train you on the curriculum!  Dates of this will be determined soon but we are looking at February or March.  Cost is $1000 plus airfare.  Contact or at 336-669-7340.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The True Importance of Child Sponsorship

Several joys accompany translating sponsor letters for Caroline's Promise: the satisfaction of successfully...or semi-successfully... understanding what the letter says; learning more and more Spanish words and phrases; being helpful; and ultimately, being able to convey the beautiful thoughts the children feel towards their sponsor.

I think we as sponsors often forget how much a relationship with these kids means to them. The monetary support matters immensely; however, to the people of Guatemala, the bonds between us go much deeper than that. 

 But who could tell you that better than the kids themselves? Here a few, of the many, things sent to sponsors that served as a personal reminder to me, as I'm sure they will to you, of how important partnership in Guatemala truly is. 

"I want to tell you that you are like a second mom to me."

"Nothing is more important than you guys coming."

"The truth is that you all are a grand blessing."

"You all are always in my prayers, and I ask God to guard you."

"You have formed a part of my part."

"Everyday I ask God to protect you all and put a band of angels around you and your family."

"Thank you for your unconditional help, what you do for us is incomparable."

"You have come to be a figure of motivation and inspiration for me."

"I thank you because everyday you think about and pray for me, as I do for you."

Isn't it amazing that we get to have such an impact on their life, yet they're the ones that end up changing our lives...and it is through messages like these and special moments that we are so blessed to have with them. 

If you do not yet sponsor a child from Guatemala, check out our child sponsorship page here for more information. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

3rd Floor Construction Campaign

We have been blown away by your support of the Hope Grows campaign to construct a building in Guatemala City that benefits both our partner church, Iglesia Adonai, and the school, Casita Adonai!
We originally thought that $100,000 would allow us to tear down the old building and construct the first floor.  God stretched that money and we were able to begin the second floor!

Our partners at the church have worked tirelessly to raise funds on their own, bringing in several thousand dollars through their fundraising and personal giving!  This has been one of the highlights of the Hope Grows Campaign - watching them give sacrificially!

Our 2015 teams were able to donate the remaining funds needed to not only complete the 2nd floor, but also remodel an existing area that had housed temporary classrooms. That space is now being used as a multi-purpose room, and everyone is using it! Our kiddos are enjoying their new classrooms and computer lab on the second floor.

This fall we are asking you to join us once again.  This time we need $69,000 to complete the third and final floor.  We are hoping to resume construction in November when the school year is complete and the timing is right to get the job done!  Once the third floor is complete we can begin plans to offer middle school grades. 

Will you consider partnering with us?  Your one time or monthly gift is not only tax deductible but as we have seen in the past year, will be stretched by God to do miracles!  Do you know of a business, individual, school, or church that is looking for a project!  Please tell them about Caroline's Promise!

Follow this link to give!