Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Raising a Promise T-Shirts are in!

 Raising a Promise T-Shirts are In!

We are super thankful for a group of teens and young adults who decided that they wanted to do whatever they could to raise the $54,000 needed to complete the third and final floor of the Building of Promise in Guatemala.  The completion of this building will allow our school, Casita Adonai to apply to offer middle school grades.  But the blessing of the third floor doesn't stop there.  It will provide space for an outdoor play area, horticulture and science projects, and additional space for classrooms that will benefit the school, church and community!

Caroline's Promise is so proud of these young adults and thankful for their dedication to our friends in Guatemala.  They have named the campaign "Raising a Promise" and knew from the start that they wanted a t-shirt that they could sell as a fundraiser.  They got their friend, Matt King to help them design the shirt which depicts building plans and has the theme of the campaign.

You have two options:

Short Sleeve:  $20 Next Level Brand, dark charcoal grey, 50 % polyester, 25% cotton, 25% rayon. This shirt is super soft and fits true to size.  Sizes small - xxl

Long Sleeve:  $25 Bella Canvas Brand, black, 100% cotton.  This is the same shirt as our "Tree" shirt from a few years ago.  You're going to love it!

You can order here and have them shipped, or email us at lisaholbrook@carolinespromise.net and you can purchase and pick up.

They make great gifts!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Thank you for golfing FORE the Children!

Caroline's Promise is truly thankful for Dickie and Wanda Trexler who organized a golf tournament to support our "Raising a Promise" project.  Over $2000 was raised and the teams had a blast!  What was so special is that Dickie and Wanda decided to use what they are interested in (golf) to make a difference for kids in Guatemala!  And they did it with very little help from Caroline's Promise which was a blessing for our often "burned out on fundraising" team.

Of course the event would not have been possible without the support of our Hole Sponsors, listed below.  Please take the time to check out their businesses and when you have the opportunity, thank them for supporting Caroline's Promise!

We also want to thank the golfers and volunteers who spent their Friday making a difference for kids!
Wanda and her ladies

 Hole Sponsors
Oak Ridge Builders, Vernon Carter
Trexler Insurance & Services, Inc.
Holbrook Marriage & Family Counseling, PLLC
Bull & Beard
Pine Knolls Golf Course
Insperity Support Services
Keith A Tuttle Livestock
Modern Marble & Glass, Inc.
Craft Insurance
Labels, Tags & Inserts, Inc.
Rod Farrell
Fogleman & Associates of N.C.
Unlimited Nutrition, Inc.
Impact Fulfillment
Bill & Joan Tatum

Gifts in Kind
Fry Financial Group
Richard & Wanda Trexler
Carolina Bank

First Place Team (minus one)
2nd Place Team

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Promise Fulfilled

A week or so ago was the first day of middle school for a lot of students and their parents in our area. For the student it comes with first day pictures, first day outfits, first day excitement, and first day fears. Parents will have fears too... Will they make friends? Will they eat a good lunch? Will they remember to bring all of their assignments home? Will they be bullied? Those don't sound like
small fears...especially the bullying part. 

All valid questions. 

I know a group of parents who sent their kids off to 6th grade at the beginning of this year. They have the same valid fears too. 
Will they make friends? Will they eat a good lunch? Will they remember to bring all of their assignments home? Will they be bullied? What will we do next year? Will I keep them home? Will they go to public school? Will they be in a gang? Will they be murdered by a gang? Will they be the murderer in a gang?
Wait! Those are not the same questions I'm seeing on Facebook today. Those are not the same questions I'm hearing parents of 6th graders asking. These question are from the parents of the current 6th graders as Casita Adonai.  6th grade is the last class Casita can offer them, and it is not by choice... It is not because their hearts don't ache and yearn to see these kids more than succeed

It is because there is no space. No space! 

I hear valid concerns about the amount of kids per class here in the US, and I agree it is too many.
But we don't stop having school all together; we make the space. At Casita it is not that simple, which is why raising the funds to complete the third floor is so vital. It is not just a matter of education. For some, for most, for all, it is a choice between life and death. 

We have two kids we sponsor and we have lots of concerns for their safety after 6th grade. One of our sponsor kids has autism which is an even greater concern. It is very hard for me to let my mind and my heart think of what will happen to him when he ends 6th grade in 2017. I cannot begin to imagine what his mother is already thinking and the heart wrenching thought of sending him to a public school.  If you're thinking, but I live here, what can I do? Well since I've already been brutally honest I'll continue that pattern. They need your money for the building fund. Praying is and will continue to be a must. But... without action, where is my faith? I read somewhere that "faith without action is dead." It's easy to think that if all you can give is a small amount then it wouldn't help...
I don't mind using all caps! Even $5 a month would help. Or give a one-time donation! We can't out give God, but wouldn't it be fun to try? To see how He causes everything to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose for them. Don't just pray about it! Do it! I was even convicted to give monthly just by writing this. Yes we donate and that's great but let me see if I can out give God... I know I can't, because He will multiply every penny. And not only will parents of the 2017 6th grade class in Guatemala have the same questions as the parents of the 2017 class here, but they will also be able to eliminate some of their questions. 

They will be able to send their kids into a building where there is hope. 
A promise fulfilled. 
A promise we made as Christ followers that with all authority in heaven and on earth we will go into all the nations being sure of this:

I Am with you always, even to the end of the age. I cannot out give to
others what
God will pour into my heart and my home because of my giving. He will take care
of me as I
take care of those whom He has put before me. 
We can together fulfill the
for all of us as we fulfill our promise to Him.
 Follow this link to give.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Business Training to be Offered Again in October

Last February we partnered with  Yobel International, a Colorado based ministry that empowers communities to eliminate extreme poverty, unjust labor and human trafficking through business training and consumer education.  Yobel has developed an interactive, discussion-based Entrepreneurial Training Curriculum and we loved sharing it with our friends in Guatemala!
We continue to hear how God used the training to help women start a business or expand an existing business!  You can read about the February training here. 

Our plans are to conduct our second training in October.
The cost for each woman to attend the training is $200.  We are looking for 35 sponsors or a total of $7000 to make this training a reality.  Will you consider joining us?  Any donation is greatly appreciated!  Follow this link to join us!

You can see photos of men & women who want to attend this training here.  

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Raising A Promise

Raising A Promise – Building Campaign (September 1st- December 31)

Beginning September 1st, we are starting a campaign to raise the funds to complete the third level of Casita Adonai, the school we partner with in Guatemala City. God has been faithful to provide the funds needed to continue the incredible partnership we have in Guatemala. Now, we are trusting that He will provide the remaining $55,000 needed to complete the third floor of the school. By partnering with churches and hosting several fundraising events, we will have enough to finish and provide classes beyond 6th grade when the permits are approved, as well as a playground area. The people we partner with do so much for the school and the community, and this extra space will allow for more ways to serve.

In order to do this, we are praying that God will provide 55 people to commit to raising $1,000. We absolutely believe that God can bring in this money, and He wants us to ask. This is something you can commit to do as a family, a group of friends, or as an individual.

We are partnering with several churches and have plans for various other fundraising events throughout the campaign. If you would like to donate, please follow this link to the donation page. Feel free to share and be in prayer with us as we take steps to complete the building and the beautiful promise of this building.

You can make your own page and set a personal goal of $1000 or join a team. Please contact Brooke St. Clair at bstclai2@uncc.edu if you have any questions.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Together we are praying and together we are doing - in Gerona

Together we are praying and 
Together we are doing - in Gerona

While our summer teams have wrapped up, our partners in Guatemala continue to work with the children and their families. A lot of time is being spent investing in the community of Gerona, which is just outside of Guatemala City. This is beautiful because the people that we build relationships with and invest in turn around and send themselves out to serve others every Sunday. What happens is a local camp donates space each week for the children, teen, and women to have services; however, some weekends the camp is full, and instead of letting this hinder the ministry, our partners have services in the street. Together, we are praying about the next steps in Gerona. The goal is to purchase land in that community to further the ministry and relationships. While land is available to purchase, the price is high so we are trusting God to show us what to do.

To be prepared for when God says to “move” we have set up a fund, so that we are somewhat ready.

The "together we are praying" part is really important to us. Together we are praying, and together we are doing. In Guatemala, our friends are being obedient and sacrificial to God. Here, we want to be the same thing. The children’s ministry at our local partner church, Wilson community church, has been busy doing just that.


The Dub Kidz, the name of the children’s ministry at WCC, have worked hard over the last couple of weeks to raise money for the future needs in Gerona. Together, the children have raised a total of $237.67!!! The children are so excited to give and help the beautiful people in Guatemala, and they haven’t even met them. We are so proud of our kids.