Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shepherd Of My Heart

Thoughts from Angie, our Partner Missionary in Guyana, South America:
This week I begin two master’s courses that will put me in a classroom for six hours a week for the next month.  The courses are focused on missions and being taught by a life-time missionary and seasoned professor.  As I have immersed myself in the pre-course reading I have found myself tremendously encouraged by the work of Gospel For Asia founder K.P Yohannan.  I have scribbles all over the margins of this book!! [Revolution in World Missions]
Strangely enough as I read about his life I find myself personally wrapped up in some of his words, as if they were my own.  So, this afternoon I came in from reading and decided it was time to take action on some of those words by writing some words of my own.   When I was finished I asked myself, “Ang why did you take the time to write this when you could have just spoken it to God?” What I knew is I needed to write this prayer so I could keep it as a prayer and a few Biblical declarations to speak into my life for this specific season.  Surprising me along this time with the Lord was a song I started humming from a time when I first a believer.  I could not believe it, but I actually paused and allowed the song to bubble up, amazed that I still remembered the words.
“Maker of this heart of mine, you know me very well
You understand my deepest thought, more than I know myself
So when I face the darkness, when I need to find my way
I trust in you, shepherd of my heart”

To read the rest of Angie's thoughts, click here!

Friday, October 19, 2012


Keila and her family were beyond excited to receive their gifts from Hannah Capps

This chica >

Casita Adonai is so blessed to have such an amazing group of teachers

Barbara has sponsored this young woman for 10+ years

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Images of Guatemala

Sara, reading her Birthday Card from our sponsor family

One of the kids reading a letter from his pen pal, Katie

We were totally surprised to see 2 of the teachers and some of the kids at the airport

Only took us about 3 hours to buy food for the kids...

Rodrigo, reading a letter from his sponsor

Amberly, getting her first letter from her new sponsor!

Lisa trying to translate letters to the fourth grade class

What can we say?  Are they cute or what?

They are so proud of the blankets they made.  Learning to sew at school.

The moringa is growing!

Natalie's first trip to Guatemala.  She's hooked!

Daniel & Linda took time out of their day to help out at the school

Praying with the ladies in the sewing ministry

So proud of the dresses she's learned to make

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hope Grows T-Shirts are Here!

We are excited about our newest t-shirts that promote the Hope Grows campaign to build a new school in Guatemala.  You can read about the project here.  You are going to love these shirts, made of 52% cotton and 48% polyester.  Long sleeve shirts are $30 and short sleeve shirts are $20.  All profits go to help build the school!

 We want to thank Kendall Holbrook and Boni Russell  for designing the shirt and Logo Wear Graphics for doing such a beautiful job making the shirts.  They make great Christmas gifts!  Visit our store to get yours today!