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Shepherd Of My Heart

Thoughts from Angie, our Partner Missionary in Guyana, South America: This week I begin two master’s courses that will put me in a classroom for six hours a week for the next month.  The courses are focused on missions and being taught by a life-time missionary and seasoned professor.  As I have immersed myself in the pre-course reading I have found myself tremendously encouraged by the work of Gospel For Asia founder K.P Yohannan.  I have scribbles all over the margins of this book!! [Revolution in World Missions]
Strangely enough as I read about his life I find myself personally wrapped up in some of his words, as if they were my own.  So, this afternoon I came in from reading and decided it was time to take action on some of those words by writing some words of my own.   When I was finished I asked myself, “Ang why did you take the time to write this when you could have just spoken it to God?” What I knew is I needed to write this prayer so I could keep it as a prayer…

Graduation at Casita Adonai!


Images of Guatemala

Hope Grows T-Shirts are Here!

We are excited about our newest t-shirts that promote the Hope Grows campaign to build a new school in Guatemala.  You can read about the project here.  You are going to love these shirts, made of 52% cotton and 48% polyester.  Long sleeve shirts are $30 and short sleeve shirts are $20.  All profits go to help build the school!

 We want to thank Kendall Holbrook and Boni Russell  for designing the shirt and Logo Wear Graphics for doing such a beautiful job making the shirts.  They make great Christmas gifts!  Visit our store to get yours today!