Thursday, January 26, 2012

Opportunity To Save

We wanted to share this opportunity with those of you who live in the Triad area. We are hearing amazing stories of how people are using the money they make from couponing to make a difference! Many families who feel called to adopt are taking the money they save at the grocery store and putting it in their adoption account. Instead of spending that money saved on more groceries they are banking the savings and putting it toward their adoption! Others who never thought they could afford to go on a short term trip are doing the same thing! And still, others are stockpiling and purchasing food for almost free that they then share with families in their community who are struggling. Whatever your goal you may find this local couponing class a way to boost your profits!

Triad Couponing is offering an Extreme Couponing 101 Class at Shady Grove Wesleyan Church in Colfax this Saturday at 10:00am. If you are interested in learning more about how to save when you use coupons, click here!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Foster To Adopt, One Family's Story

A local couple, John & Suzanne Stack were recently featured on WXII's segment "A Place to Call Home" where they shared about their experience of adopting their daughter, Allie from foster care. The Stacks, who are friends of Caroline's Promise shared with us,
"We are so blessed to adopt and honored that God chose us to adopt Allie after raising our own girls. We encourage people who are thinking about fostering or adoption, to first bathe it in prayer and then if it feels right take the leap of faith. The blessings are out of this world, and every child deserves a place to call home!! Age does not limit your ability to love a child for we are in our fifties!"

Many people do not realize that adoption from foster care is nearly free and there are many children in our community who need a forever family.

Click here to watch the video of the Stack's story!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 Summer Mission Trips - Deadline Approaching

The popularity of our short term mission trips has prompted us to offer more opportunities to serve in both Guatemala and Guyana. However, the deadline for our 2012 Summer trips is quickly approaching! We invite you to check out the dates and projects and contact us with any questions you may have.

Teams will partner with Iglesia Adonai, a Guatemala City church that is making a major impact in the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in their community. You will minister to children at their school, Casita Adonai and in surrounding areas, help with light construction and painting projects, build relationships with the members of the church and most of all, share Christ!

Whatever your gifts or talents, we can use you in Guatemala! We need people with skills in construction, ministry, music, sewing, teaching, sports, medical and dental.

Caroline's Promise Summer Teams - Deadline February 1. Cost $1900
Family Team: June 29-July 7, 2012
Team is open to parent(s) and children ages 10 and up. Team is also open to individuals 18 and up. Specific focus: Children's ministry and medical clinic.

General Team July 6- 14, 2012
Team is open to individuals 18 and up. Teens accompanied by a parent. Specific focus will be construction and sports/children's ministry.

NC West Wesleyan Youth Summer Teams - Deadline February 1. Cost $1500
You must be 15 years of age by date of trip.
Team A – July 21 – 28, 2012
Team B July 28 – August 4, 2012

Guyana, South America
Teams will partner with Vreed N Hoop Wesleyan Church to minister to the children and families in Plastic City. You will also work with the kids at the Ruimveldt Children's Home. Specific skills needed: love of kids, teachers, sports, light construction and painting.

NC West Wesleyan Youth Summer Team - Deadline February 1. Cost $1500
NC West Team - August 4 - 11, 2012 - you must have completed your Jr. Year of High School by date of trip.

For more information contact LisaHolbrook@CarolinesPromise.Net or 336-669-7340.

Applications and $100 non-refundable deposit are due for all trips. You can access the application here.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gautemala Decemeber 2011!

The day after Christmas a team went to Guatemala to assist in a variety of ways. Due to technical difficulties, we weren't able to publish updates during the trip, so we are excited to share them with you now. Here is one team member's experience of her time in Gautemala:

"I went to Guatemala! I made new friends and memories that will never leave my mind. Lisa told us to make one sentence to describe our time we spent there. He taught us each something completely different and my sentence was, “Radical faith in God reaps great rewards”…why you ask? Because of the people I had met while visiting the church. I could brag about their faith, humility, welcoming attitudes, and their sacrificial spirits.

I want to tell you about our amazing driver, Francisco [aka Paquito], and the ministry he helps out with. There is a ministry called Kairos, assisting families who have children in the hospital who are receiving long-term care. Before Kairos, families would have to sleep outside the hospital, while their children were cared for; but Kairos allows them a place to stay – sometimes days, other times months. Kairos also feeds the families, giving so much of their time helping these people, it blows my mind! Here’s the kicker....All their costs end up to be around $7000 and they don’t ask for a penny!! They trust God to provide the funds in order for the place to continue running. Talk about faith!

Another example of humility and sacrificial spirits: there were two women on this trip that fixed us breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We gave them presents for everything they did and thanked them for cooking for us and cleaning our rooms. We didn’t give them much, but they showed us it meant a lot because they quickly ran downstairs and brought something to us. We had no idea what they had in their hands but they invited us all to the kitchen area and gave us a handmade cloth, used for covering hot bread. It may have been something small in most people’s eyes, but God pointed out to me once again, “Look at this!” Compared to what we gave, they gave us their all.

Most people who give to mission’s trips wonder what people actually DO on mission trips, and what their money went towards. I can tell you about the things we did that mattered (but wouldn’t have had dire consequences if they didn’t get done while we were there.) These things were things like setting up a computer lab for both teachers and the students, putting stickers in the library books, cleaning and painting the church. Yet the things that mattered most on this trip involved relationships. It’s funny; it’s always supposed to be about relationships significantly more than “doing” things anyway, right? God revealed that truth to me with “look at this!” type moments and made it more evident how much these people care about us - and us about them. He did it through us giving the gift of quality time.

Guatemala has changed my life…it’s made me a little more open with people (because the people there were so welcoming and open,) gave me the desire to be more adventurous and gave me a stronger passion for God’s people worldwide. It’s sad that most of these relationships were made near the end of the trip, when we had so little time left, but that was also when less “doing” was being done (so we had time to build the relationships!) But I’m so glad I made them. I miss them so much already. But I can’t wait to return! " ~Written by Kaitlyn

Sunday, January 1, 2012

RCHCC Christmas: Thank You Sponsors!

Caroline’s Promise has partnered with Ruimveldt Children’s Home and Care Centre for Christmas since the first year they opened with six children. It’s a highlight for the children and a beautiful way to affirm them in God’s love. This year God totally shocked us as we put the word out and people from Texas, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida and North Carolina responded. The breadth of our borders was increased as well as the age of the sponsor.

Odessa opened her card and picture at Christmas to find her name beautifully colored and a picture of a family drawn in pencil by a child. She studied the real picture of the family that was also in the envelope as she asked me about her letter. When I explained that her letter was written by a child her size she laughed her bubbly laugh and put on her big smile. Deana read her letter and called me to ask if she could write her sponsor back. She was amazed to read the her sponsor was 19 years old and in college to become a teacher. While Deana had never met her sponsor in person Radesh and Subrena recalled meeting theirs when they came on a mission trip. Four children read about their sponsors who shared how they helped to build the home they now live in. It was totally unexpected that the children then went to find their faces on the outside wall where team pictures still hang.

In the past we have bought the children dollies, trucks, board games and books. This year I wanted to try buying them a gift that was educational and long-lasting. So, we took the risk of buying ten children a shared gift and used their combined funds to purchase a leapfrog handheld game. These gifts can grow with them and encourage learning. The four youngest children were given individual leapfrog learning toys and the oldest six who were too old for leapfrog were given various craft sets. The shrill when they opened them was naturally expected and keeping them in a special place under a caregivers watchful eye should keep them around for a long while time to come.

Thank you for sharing love this Christmas and giving the children at RCHCC a little piece of your heart. Trust me their pictures and cards are in their secret hiding place for them to find over and over again.

If you are reading this in a RSS, or some other reader, click here to view video by Angie.