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Urban Horticulture Project - Super Cool!

Child Sponsor Gifts/Letters Due June 1

Our teams are headed to Guatemala in June & July and we would love to take a letter or small gift to your child.  This will more than likely be the last time in 2016 that you can send a gift.  Please follow these instructions:
*  Gifts should be in a gallon sized zip lock bag that will close.  If your gift is larger we will not be able to take it. *  Please include a letter and maybe a photo of your family.  Do not include cash or any information that would identify where you live.  We will translate the letter for you. *  All gifts/letters should be delivered to our office not later than June 1.  You can deliver them and put in the gazebo at the end of the driveway or mail to Caroline's Promise 1950 Beeson Road, Kernersville, NC 27284.  Please put your name and the child's name on the outside of the bag. Please know that your gifts and letters make a difference.  It is extremely hard to explain to a child why their sponsor did not write them.  If at all possibl…

The Best of the 80's