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A Step Of Faith

PAL Kids Get Textbooks!

Win a Mission Trip to Guatemala!

Have you always wanted to go on a mission trip?  2013 may be the year for you!

Hope Grows is our campaign tobuild a new schoolfor our kids at Casita Adonai in Guatemala City.
Our goal is $80,000 by the end of October.  We are looking for at least 20 individuals and families to set up a fundraising page and invite their friends & family to contribute to Hope Grows!  If you raise $1000 by the end of October you will be entered into a drawing where one blessed person will receive a mission trip to Guatemala to be used in 2013.

It's so easy!  Simply go to this link and register to get started!  Then post your personal link on facebook, at the end of your signature in your emails, and anywhere else people will see that you are part of Hope Grows!  You can even send emails from your fundraising page, inviting your friends and family to contribute to the cause!

What are you waiting for?  You can be a part of the miracle!

Ministry Dreams Coming True for Young Adults in Guatemala

Caroline's Promise partners with a church in Guatemala City, Igelsia Adonai.  The Pastors there are Carlos & Delmi Rivas.  Delmi is a dreamer.  And she dreams big dreams for the people in her church and community.  I can relate.  I'm a lot like Delmi.  In fact, our husbands sometimes roll their eyes when the two of us get together and dream.  I've known Delmi for eleven years and was thrilled when God made it clear that we were to partner with them in Guatemala City.  Often God will confirm this when Delmi opens her mouth to share a dream that she's had and I've had the same dream.

Delmi's church has a girls' choir.  They are led by a young adult, Omar, who is amazing.  This young man is so gifted in music and with kids.  Each time I visit the church I secretly hope that the girls' choir will sing.  It's been a great opportunity for girls who are talented and just need someone to invest in them.  Many of the girls in our child sponsorship progr…

Local Business Serving Guyana and Guatemala Kids

Ladies' Group Helps Church Recover From Break In

Members of The S.T.A.N.D. (Sisters Touching A Need Directly) circle group from Shady Grove Wesleyan Church in Colfax, NC were troubled when they learned that our partner church in Guatemala City, Iglesia Adonai was broken into.  They lost over $2000 in equipment that is used for ministry at their church and in their church plant.  The ladies decided to do something and hosted their first 5k walk on June 2.

The church was blessed when one of our summer mission teams delivered the money and helped them purchase a new projector and portable sound system.  The members kept saying how blessed they were to have people in the US who cared enough to host a fundraiser to help them.

Thank you ladies from S.T.A.N.D and everyone who supported the 5K!  You are a beautiful example of how any group can make a huge difference for others!

Ways to Help us Build Casita

The task of raising $80,000  in 2 months for the new school building at Casita Adaoni seems overwhelming......when we try to do it on our own.  When we take the time to remember that this is God's dream for the kids and we trust that He is able to do the impossible, our faith increases!

There is a balance between trying to raise the money on our own and giving God room to do it.  We have been asking God how we should best invite you to partner with us.  This post will give you practical ways to help us build Casita Adonai!

* Pray!  Join our Facebook Event - Fast & Pray For Casita Adonai.  You will join a group of people from both Guatemala and the States who are committed to fast and pray for this project.  Weekly updates will be sent and we will all join hearts and pray specifically each Wednesday during the month of September.

 *  Fill a Bank!  We filled this little bank with change and it totaled $85.00!  Contact us to receive your bank or better yet, get your school, church,…

Change for Change!

You know that change that's in your car, purse, kitchen drawer?  What if you could put it to good use?  We gathered change around our house and filled this little bank.  We were shocked to find that it totaled $85.00!  Just our loose change!

That got us to thinking that if we found people to fill the 80 banks that we have, it would total $6800!
It's such an easy way to raise awareness and raise funds for the new building at Casita Adonai. Read about the need here.

Here are some ideas:

*  Put a bank on your kitchen counter and ask your family members to put their loose change inside.

*  Get your kids to go through the house and car and look for change.  Hey, you might get your car cleaned out!

*  Invite your Sunday School class, scout group, or school group to join you.  Create a contest with a prize for the child who brings in the most money.

*  Put the bank on the counter of your business.

Our goal is to raise $80,000 by the end of October.  Your change can make a big differ…

A New Building For Casita Adonai!

Casita Adonai is our partner school in Guatemala City.  125 of the area's most precious kids attend this school where they are taught, loved, and protected.  Many of you have stood in the school while it rained outside and watched the water pour in and flood the school.  In addition, we have outgrown space for new classrooms.  If we do not do something soon, our fifth graders may have to go back to the area public school.  We have known for several years that the situation was getting desperate.  

This summer we met with an architect and plans have been drawn for a three story building.  The current building will need to be torn down, a new foundation put in place to accommodate future growth, and then the first floor could be built.  This part of the school will accommodate preschool - sixth grade and pave the way for a second and third floor to be added in the future.  The first floor would also allow us to offer 7-9th grades if the Lord leads us to.

An estimate for the first p…

Oaks of Righteousness

One Sunday morning in the Spring, I was in a church service, enjoying our time of worship.  Often my mind drifts to the kids in the countries where Caroline's Promise serves.  This particular Sunday I was overwhelmed by the need in Guatemala City for a new school building for Casita Adonai.  As I was praying for our partner church and their needs, I realized that we were singing a song about Jesus being our healer.

"Nothing is impossible for you.  Nothing is impossible."
I realized that God was clearly reminding me that all things, even this new school building, are possible for Him.  
As I continued listening to the lyrics about healing, I sensed God saying that He would use the new school to heal the community.  I asked what He meant, and almost immediately I was given a vision.  The current school building changed - and I saw a new building with multiple levels.  It was beautiful and full of children.  My doubt came back and I said,
"But God - a building like thi…