Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Adoption Nutrition Site!

Repost from Joint Council on International Children's Services:

Adoption Nutrition

What children eat in their earliest months impact them for the rest of their lives.

New research out of the University of Minnesota shows that under-nutrition in adopted kids is not always obvious and may actually worsen if gone untreated during the period of “catch-up growth” post-adoption. Joint Council, in partnership with SPOON Foundation, is pleased to announce – a new, comprehensive resource developed to educate parents about the unique nutritional and feeding needs of adopted and foster children. was created with expert input from SPOON Foundation’s medical team, led by Dr. Dana Johnson. It offers critical information in a user-friendly format, covering topics such as:
The site also serves as a venue for adoptive and foster families to share their nutrition-related experiences and ask questions of an expert team.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Two great articles to help you advocate for your kids in school

Once your adopted or fostered child begins school you are suddenly faced with a brand new group of people who need to understand adoption. If you have a school aged child we encourage you to check out the following article and webinar that provide insight, tips and resources for educating teachers.

Becoming and Advocate for Your Child in School from Empowered to Connect

and Adoption Basics for the Classroom Webinar
Thursday, September 22.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Unicef and International Adoption

If you love kids you need to read the following article. It shows a side of Unicef that you may not have been aware of.

The United States and Unicef wage war against international adoptions

Friday, September 16, 2011

Join us this weekend!

Caroline's Promise will have booths at two North Carolina events on Saturday, September 17. Come out for some great fun and fair trade shopping!

Honey Bee Festival Fourth of July Park - 10am - 6pm. We are booth 82 near the tennis courts.

Rock the Block - downtown Winston-Salem. 11am - 11pm. We'll be in the Kid 's Zone inside Benton Convention Center. You have to check out this website to really get a feel of how awesome this event will be! There will be bands performing at the Rock, Country, Bluegrass, Beach, Smooth Jazz, and Contemporary Christian Stages. Former American Idol Contestant, Chris Sligh will perform on the WBFJ stage at 3pm.

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Check Out Our New Fair Trade Items at Community Events

We are super excited about the beautiful and fun new fair trade items we have this Fall. We make it easy for you to buy fair trade for all of your Christmas gifts! You can always host a Party with a Purpose where we come to your home or church and provide a private sale for you and your friends. Or you can invite us to your special event. Imagine how fun it would be to attend a ladies' Christmas gala and be able to shop with free gift wrap at the same time!

One of the most fun days we had last year was when we set up at a MOPS meetings. These moms were able to shop while their kids were taken care of! How creative!

Our latest item is so much fun! The PhD Pocket Disc is made in Guatemala and makes a great Birthday or Christmas gift for all ages! Think fabric frisbee that you can put in your pocket! They look like Guatemalan Hacky Sacks and come in two sizes. The smaller is for indoor use and the larger can be used outside, flies farther and can be used in the water. When your dog catches it it won't fade in his mouth! PE teachers are loving it because they can teach their students to throw and catch without getting hurt like with a traditional frisbee.

Proceeds from the sale of Pocket Discs will help us build a roof at Casita Adonai. If you would like to help us sell them, contact us and we'll set you up! Small are $9.50 and large are $15.00 Our family is giving these for birthday gifts!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wednesday Webinar: How to Use Orphan Sunday to Engage Your Church

Caroline's Promise is proud to be a member of The Christian Alliance for Orphans. This group does an amazing job of advocating for the orphan and providing practical resources for people who care about them. CAFO is offering a webinar this Wednesday, September 14 on ways that you can use Orphan Sunday to engage your church in orphan care.

Orphan Sunday will be on November 6, 2011 and we would love to help you by providing a special speaker, Sunday School or youth group lesson, or project. Let us know if we can help you! And don't forget to check out the Webinar this Wednesday.

Monday, September 12, 2011

First Sewing Class in Guyana Graduates!

Our Guyana Country Coordinator shares the accomplishments of our first sewing class.

The words of our sewing ladies tell the story of our first sewing course being so much bigger than learning to sew a skirt. As we gathered on Sunday afternoon to celebrate the completion of our sewing course I asked our ladies to reflect back to the beginning, the middle and now how they felt now.

Our ladies expressed that in the beginning they felt excited and good about being in the class. Our young mother shared how she had to fix her mind to do this course and complete it. In the course she hit some rough waters with her child getting sick on the days of the class. We also had challenges in the middle of the course with schedule changes, difficult waistbands and zippers, but six ladies stayed the course. When I asked them to reflect on those middle days Fifteen year old Annie shared how she was full of questions and discouragement. She put down her skirt for a few days intending to leave it undone and quit. Then she looked at Edna sewing hers on her porch and her cousin Karen sewing hers as baby Ceon napped. She found strength in their example and picked back up her skirt. When I asked them how they felt today smiles stretched across their faces, laughter was in the air and the word together rolled off their tongues. They were proud of one another, encouraged in finishing something that they started and glad to be together celebrating one another.

As the ladies spoke about their sewing experiences I used their words to form clouds on a piece of paper to tie in some life lessons. We talked together about how some days the clouds look like puffs of cotton that you can walk on and other days they bring rain and storms. We paralleled this analogy into our sewing course and into the greater spectrum of our lives. Then, tying in the words of Vincent Van Gogh and Job that were printed on their certificates, I highlighted the idea that big things are really just a series of small things that come together over time.

I asked them to tell me all the small things they learned in order to pull together their skirt. In those moments, they realized a life lesson that goes beyond just sewing a skirt. They heard the story of a man who had everything one could ever want and then lost it all. I shared how he went from everything to nothing and in those times of nothing he found out he had no real friends, because those who claimed to be his friends told him to forget God. I shared that some people are given everything and lose it, while others start with nothing and learn to value every thing they work towards. In the end they saw how Job’s storm passed and though he had no friends, he had a stronger friendship in God who was his best friend. He passed his test and did not give up on God and in the end he was given back all he lost plus more.

Friendship and goal-setting were two themes that emerged through the actual activity of the sewing course. Two months ago, thirteen year old Theresa did not know fifteen year old Annie, nor did twenty-nine year old Savitree know twenty-five year old Bonita or her Mother Edna. Sewing brought them together and made them friends. Together they set a goal and accomplished it. Now they are finishers and ready to take on a next challenge in sewing and in life.

The chatter on Sunday covered everything from sewing to PAL to school. It is very clear that our influence has reached a new level. We now focus our attention on advancing into the greater community with community meetings and presenting the model of Community Health Evangelism to all want to know about it.

Kindermusik Helps Build a Library at Casita Adonai in Guatemala!

Who could forget all that voting earlier this year? Reminders every day to vote 10x a day for Caroline's Promise to receive a Kindermusik Legacy Grant. Well, it paid off and we are so thankful to you for voting and Kindermusik for awarding a $1000 grant.

Many of you donated books, money and supplies and our Summer team was able to clean, paint and set up the new library! We hope you enjoy this short video!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hope At Home From The Christian Alliance for Orphans

We recently saw this post at The Christian Alliance for Orphans Blog. Whether you are a parent to adopted, fostered or biological children (of any age) we think you'll find this article helpful. Dr. Susan Hollis shared on her blog, Hope at Home, about the impact of loving eyes.

"A Time of Refreshing:
Dr. Susan Hillis along with others whose hearts are full with the desire to serve adoptive and foster parents are so excited to have the opportunity to meet you and to come alongside you during HOPE AT HOME 2011 here in Atlanta, Georgia, September 23-24. We see HOPE AT HOME 2011 as a time of refreshing for both husbands and wives as we encounter the Father's Heart for adoptive families. We are looking to God to fill our hearts with His Hope. "

To read more, click on the link below.

Hope at Home Blog

Volunteers Needed for September, 2011

Volunteer Needed for Community Festivals & Other Positions

Saturday September 17, 2011
Help us sell fair trade items & promote the ministry
Choose a 2-3 hour shift for either event

Rock the Block - Winston-Salem, NC
10am - 11pm

Honey Bee Festival - Kernersville, NC
9am - 6pm

These are fun, family events! We need lots of volunteers!

Email us at
Call us at (336) 669-7340

Other Volunteer Opportunities

A volunteer to manage our website. Knowledge of Word Press is needed. Requires 1 - 4 hours per week. Can be done from home

Promote Orphan Sunday at your church. Spread the word and let them know how Caroline's Promise can help celebrate this event!

Volunteers to join our upcoming mission trips to
Guyana October 14 - 22, 2011 or
Guatemala December 24 - January 1

Volunteers to promote our Child Sponsorship Program
Spread the word on facebook or through emails.