Finally! An update!

Hi everyone! We´ve had a little trouble connecting to the interent but things are going really well! After a little delay in Miami because of a plane not arriving, we made it to Guatemala City safely and with little drama. The ride to Eagle´s Nest Children´s Home was a little bumpy. There is major road construction most of the way. I was told that the construction was started, the roads were torn up, and then they ran out of money. Or the new President decided it wasn´t top priority. Regardless of the reason, it makes for a bumpy ride! We´re thankful for God´s protection as we travelled.
We started right off Saturday morning with a soccer clinic-outreach in the city of Solola. We actually worked with kids from 3 Christian schools. What a site! Only the girls on our team knew anything about soccer. Tell me again why we brought these guy athletes with us?! They all did a great job and enjoyed the time with the kids. Jill welcomed the children to the clinic and our drama team presented the Children of the King skit with the help of Jose, our excellent translator. Garrett shared his testimony which was powerful. Kim and Vernon, you would have been proud!
We spent the afternoon stuffing gallon sized zip lock bags with school supplies. Thanks so much to everyone who donated toward this project. There´s such a huge need here in Guatemala for school supplies. We´ll deliver close to 2000 bags over the next 2 weeks.
Sunday was a fun day! What a blessing to attend the new church plant at Eagle´s Nest and worship with Pastor Nery and his precious family. Kendall ended up translating the entire service. Not bad for an 8 year old! Garrett and Erica shared brief testimonies and the team enjoyed Sunday School with the children. After lunch we drove down to Panajachel where we attended a worship service in English at Solomon´s Porch, a coffee house. Worship was great and we ended the night with a great team dinner.
Today, Monday we´re doing various projects at Eagle´s Nest. We´re cleaning, pressure washing, sanding and getting ready to paint. This afternoon we´ll have an evangelistic program at a local church with a group of 150 children who are sponsored by Compassion International. This is always the highlight of our week and we hope to post pictures later tonight.

I´m not able to post pictures right now but hope to by tomorrow morning. Thanks for your prayers. Noone is sick or hurt and the team seems to be getting along well. God has been faithful to bond this large group, which was a concern of mine. It´s becoming apparent each day how He has handpicked the team. As usual, He is faithful!

Oh, we´ve had a little struggle with the phone cards-cell phone. We finally have it working but it´s $1.50 per minute. So please don´t expect a lot of calls from the team. Just know that everyone is doing well and no news is good news! We´ll try to update the blog as much as we can. Keep praying and team 2, please bring some warm clothes!