Children of the King at Hannah's Hope

On Monday we went to one of our favorite places - Hannah's Hope Children's Home in Guatemala City. This is the home connected to All God's Children Adoption Agency out of Portland, Oregon. It also happens to be where Caroline spent her first 5 months!

The moment we walked into the older kids' house Barbara remembered that it was where we first saw Caroline. The kids started coming in and were so excited to have a group minister to them. Diana did an excellent job of communicating the message and the kids totally got it! One little boy kept saying "hijos de Dios!" (Children of God).

Katherine and Lea Ann dressed each child as a prince or princess and they made their grand entrance as everyone cheered! Anna's crafts were a huge hit and we even received requests to sing again:)
Several of the team went into the room where a few special needs children were resting. Team members prayed for each child and for their special mothers (care givers). As we were leaving the Director of the house told Diana that this team was special. She said that a little boy, Carlos would usually go into convulsions when he was touched. But several of our team members touched his face and rubbed his hair - and he didn't flinch. He looked so peaceful. Another little boy who was 13 responded in amazing ways to our team. The special mothers said that they were amazed at how he reached out to our team. They'd never seen that. Could it be that the children on our team are the difference? God is good!

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