Family Team & Asheboro Team Unite - Thursday

Our team from Asheboro has been at Eagle's Nest all week. They haven't had great internet access so you'll have to check back later this week for an update on their trip.

We were blessed to join them on Thursday for ministry in San Antonio Chacaya. Our friends Ron & Jose coordinated the day. We took a bigger boat across the lake to this little village that is off the beaten path. There's not even a boat dock! We just pulled up to the shore and put a plank out to walk on. The children from the village heard the boat and came running out to meet us. It was precious. The walk up to the school was anything but precious! Think mud, manure from every animal you can think of, walking through corn fields, not a real path - you get the picture! When we made it to the little road we looked out to see our boat leaving. It reminded me of a scene from Survivor!

This by far was one of the highlights of our 2 weeks here. The school was started by a group of indivuals who truly just care about the children. The one public school in the village was charging for uniforms and supplies and many of the families were not able to afford these fees. The government is paying for several teachers and they meet in a tin shack - literally. Thankfully a new school is being built for them.

The children were precious and so thankful! We did Children of the King and the Asheboro team did a carnival that was a blast! At the end each child received a school supply bag and a rain poncho - and of course, candy:) And the teachers received a bag of classroom supplies each!

While the team played with the kids at the carnival a group of us went on a Prayer Walk through the village. This is by far one of the prettiest places I've been to in Guatemala. We stopped to pray as the Lord led us. One place was a Baptist Church. Five minutes later we saw a clinic and stopped to talk to the man that was there. We learned that HE was the pastor of the church where we had just prayed! So we prayed for him and his family.

We ended the day in Panajachel and at dinner with all of our friends at Don Rodrigo's.

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