Family Team - Friday

One of our bus drivers called Thursday night to say that the people in Solola were going to be protesting/blocking the road on Friday morning. His suggestion was that we leave Eagle's Nest at 6 AM!!!!

So - we rolled out of bed before the sun came up and headed back to Guatemala City. God has provided us with a beautiful hotel and the team has been resting, swimming, taking hot showers! We'll debrief tonight and eat our last dinner with the Asheboro team. We leave the hotel at 4am Saturday and should be back in Raleigh by 5pm Saturday.

God has been so good to us these past 2 weeks. It's a privilege to serve with Him in this beautiful country. We have mixed feelings about returning home. I personally can't wait to see my Caroline! But I'll miss this place and these people.

Keep checking back as we add pictures and testimonies from team members! Thanks for your prayers and your support!

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