Family Team - Tuesday at Prince of Peace

We're finally back in the city - with internet!! Here's a recap of the rest of our incredible week!

On Tuesday we drove to the beautiful city of Antigua. Everyone enjoyed a few hours in this old town and then we headed to San Cristobal, Mixco - outside of Guatemala City. We were honored to share with the girls at Prince of Peace Children's Home. This place has ministered to girls ages 4-19 for years. It's a peaceful, beautiful home and the girls seemed glad to have us. As we drove up it started raining.....HARD. The building where we were to do our program has a tin roof and the harder it rained, the harder it was to hear each other speak.

Things were delayed because of the rain. We prayed and before long the rain slowed enough that the girls could join us and we could start. After we did the Children of the King skit the team performed an abstinence themed skit called "The Princess and the Kiss." During the craft we took the girls to another room, 2 or 3 at a time and let them choose their princess costume or dress up items. Of course every girl received a purse and pretty things for her hair!

A few of the team took the younger girls back to their home where they played games and got to know one another. The rest of our team joined the older girls in a circle and shared testimonies of purity, sexual abuse, forgiveness and healing. We ended that service with everyone writing something on a piece of paper that they needed to give to God, someone they needed to forgive, or a hurt they needed to let God heal. And we all threw them in a garbage can! Each girl received a hand made bracelet - a constant reminder of God's love for her and healing in her life.

The day before we visited this home we received their newsletter via email. We learned that one of the newer residents, an 8 year old girl, had been raped by a man in his 30's 6 months before. She spent 15 days in the hospital and had to have surgery. When she was released from the hospital she was taken to Prince of Peace where she was loved back to health. Her testimony of her time at Prince of Peace was precious.

I share this with you to give you a brief picture into the lives of orphans in the US and around the world. Kids are hurting everywhere. And they need us. Thanks for partnering with Caroline's Promise to "Reclaim Hope for Orphans!"

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