Two years ago on our first trip to Eagle's Nest we met Kenia. All we really knew about her was that she was blind. Our friend, Angie who was with us fell in love with Kenia and spent most of her time with her. But then Angie moved to Guyana to run the children's home there. So the 2nd year Kendall had to take Angie's place. And he fell in love with this precious little girl.

One day while one team cleaned the home, the other team helped care for the children. Kendall was so touched and bothered by Kenia's situation. Stephanie, one of our team members really ministered to him in that moment and explained that perhaps God had put Kendall in Kenia's life to pray for her. Stephanie reminded him that God knew Kenia by name and that He would answer Kendall's prayers. Last summer we learned that Kenia has other special needs besides being blind, but we continued to pray for God to bring her a family!

This year was our third trip to Eagle's Nest and when we entered the home Kendall found Kenia right away. We hardly recognized her. She looked much healthier and was sitting in a little seat. She looked so cute with pigtails in her hair. It's been a difficult week for Kendall, knowing that Kenia was never matched with a family and now adoptions in Guatemala are closing. How do you explain that to a kid?

This week as I was emailing with the Director of Eagle's Nest who is in the States for a few months I learned that there is a family that wants to adopt Kenia! They have other special needs children and believe that God wants Kenia to be a part of their family!! I also learned that the attorney for Eagle's Nest believes that although adoptions have closed, the government may approve Kenia's adoption! Please pray with us that God will remove every obstacle that keeps Kenia from going home to her forever family. Pray for the family as well, that God will provide all that they need to complete her adoption!

God truly is a Father to the Fatherless! He makes a home for the lonely!

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