Reflections from Team 1

God teaches me something different on every mission trip. A few years ago when I was in Guyana He totally confirmed that David and I are where we are supposed to be. After years of wondering if we were to live on the field somewhere, God spoke clearly and confirmed that taking short term teams was going to change our lives. Our goal since then has been to do teams the best we can, helping people process their experiences and figure out what God is saying to them. It's not always easy. Sometimes it's exhausting:) But it's so worth it when you see someone's life affected and changed. I want to be a part of changing a generation - working with God to raise up a generation of people who care for orphans.

In the weeks to come I hope you will be encouraged by the testimonies of team members. Without your prayers and support, their lives would not have been changed!

I recently had the opportunity to travel with Caroline's Promise for the second time to Guatemala and I am so thankful for that chance. Last year I was deeply affected after witnessing the poverty in Guatemala, but this year's trip affected me differently since I went knowing what to expect. This year I seemed to pay more attention to how God was working within each team member and the relationships between the team. It was evident God was teaching me the effect the people you surround yourself with have on your life. I definitely saw God making lifetime changes within people on our team and it was awesome! This trip was very rewarding. I went there to touch the lives of many children and left feeling as though they touched my life even more. Thank you David and Lisa for making this trip possible for so many people! Please keep the children of Eagle's Nest in your prayers. -Casey Caron

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