Tuesday in Guatemala

Praise the Lord for better internet access! We appreciate your prayers and feel them. Don't stop!
We've had a little sickness. Casey had stomach issues Monday but was great by this morning. Jennifer Glover has struggled with stomach and aches. Katy has had stomach stuff and is weak but is feeling much better. Lisa is getting a cold. So - we'd appreciate your prayers that it will stop and noone else will feel bad.
On Monday afternoon we ministered to 150 kids who are sponsored by Compassion International. It was a precious time. They presented music and drama to us which was powerful and we did the Children of the King skit and a carnival. What fun! We ran out of prizes at some of the games, but Garrett had extra gifts in his bag that were perfect! Thank you Jamie for sending those with him. It was like you were here with us!
Today, Tuesday, we drove about 30 minutes on a really rough road to the prettiest little town called San Jose Chacaya. It was incredibly clean and quiet and the kids were so well behaved. We saw groups of kids all day long - about 500 or so in total. The skit, socceer clinic and some frisbee time. And each kid received a school supply bag. The teachers each received a big bag of supplies and we were able to deliver Bibles to the classes, the Mayor, and the police department. Very cool!
Tomorrow we'll be cleaning the children's home and painting. There's a lot to do and the team is tired. We'd appreciate your prayers for unity and energy and that God will continue to speak to our hearts. More pics to come later tonight!

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