Domestic Adoption

My husband and I decided to adopt after we learned that there would be challenges in us conceiving a child. After waiting 9 months we learned that there was a grandmother that wanted to meet with us. We were elated! We rushed down to Matthews North Carolina so that she could get to know us better.

As I sat there listening to her talk about how her daughter had given birth to a little boy that was across the street, and how proud she was of him and her daughter I realized something. I realized that the price of my dream of being a parent was going to cost this other family an incredible amount of pain. To see her first grandchild placed in a stranger’s home with just the mere promise of letters and pictures just didn’t seem right. It was the most heart breaking and joyful time in my life, and it was then that I accepted the call from God to minister and love on this family as he would have done.

We can’t just avoid domestic adoptions because of the fear that the birthmom shouldn’t have contact or you think that she will come and take the child back, that she is a drug user, and many other fears. We like most had some of these fears, but we knew this was where God wanted us. I think the most important step that we did in our process was to open our hearts up to God to be 100% in control. Fear is NEVER from God and if he calls us to adoption then we can’t be afraid of the people that make us parents. I am a firm believer that when we talk openly with love and respect for our children’s birthfamilies they will be more confident, and comfortable talking to us. After all it is their only biological connection.

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