November is National Adoption Month!

How are you celebrating National Adoption Month? Let's share ideas and make plans now to promote adoption and orphan care in our communities. I'll get us started! Here are a few ideas:

* Donate books on adoption and foster care to your school or church library. We purchased 8-10 books and put a sticker in the front of each that read "Donated in honor of the 143 million orphans worldwide."

* Contact your local newspaper, tv or radio and offer to tell your adoption story. Your community needs to hear more positive adoption stories! Consider mentioning Caroline's Promise:)

*If you have a blog, be sure to write about National Adoption Month. Share how being involved in orphan care, foster care or adoption have impacted your family. Several years after a local paper wrote a story on our adoption, I learned that it had inspired another family to adopt! Include links to orphan care and adoption resources - including Caroline's Promise!

* Consider posting a list of positive vs negative adoption language. Use this time to educate! Ie: Birthmother vs Real mother. Email Lisa for a suggested list!

* Share about adoption in your child's class at school or church. Adoptive Families Magazine has some great ideas for this! See the document, "Explaining adoption to classmates."

Do you have other ideas? Please share them with the group!

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