An adoptive mom - reclaiming hope for orphans!

Bridgette and her husband adopted their 2 precious boys from Guatemala. Through that process they met a Guatemalan attorney, Marilu who is passionate about the needs of children in that country. When adoptions closed this year, Marilu knew she had to do more for these kids who had no place to go. So she opened a children's home - "Luces de Esperanza".

Meanwhile Bridgette was asking God how she could help. Little by little the plan became clearer. Bridgette contacted her friends and began collecting items that Marilu would need. Before long God connected her with a shipping company that reduced their rate. Bridgette even had a yard sale and collected donations to cover the shipping costs.

I believe we've only seen the beginning of what God is going to do through Bridgette. An "ordinary" mom - doing extraordinary things to reclaim hope for orphans!

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