First Day at the Holbrook Academy - Never say never!

Oh my friends are laughing! And I'm sure God is smiling. For years I've admired my friends who homeschool their children. I've seen the positive impact that it's made. But I've NEVER wanted to do it myself. In fact, I think the quote has always been "I'll NEVER homeschool unless God moves us to a third world country where there is no other choice. And then I think David would be much better at it than I."

Never say never.
Our kids attend a wonderful public, magnet school with a focus on Spanish Immersion. Although not a perfect school, it's been a great fit for our children. This year we had to make the difficult decision to take our middle child, Cameron out of the program. He was struggling with English and it just became evident that he was not going to excel at both languages. Of course, his solution to this problem was to move to a Spanish speaking country and forget all this need for English:)

After months of prayer and checking into several private school options, we've decided to homeschool Cameron for the rest of the year. I'm amazed at the peace that David and I feel about this decision. And I'm encouraged by the way that God has directed us. We survived the first day. Of course Cameron reminded me that the best days of school are always the first and the last. We appreciate your prayers and look forward to experiencing God's favor.

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